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  1. Right? I wonder how many guys will ask, "what is a hustler bar?"
  2. Or is it all OnlyFans, Grindr, and other apps? Very curious to hear what is happening in your city?
  3. Unfortunately, I find that very few - nearing zero - providers ever want to chat via phone.
  4. I often do this, as well. I think it's funny when guys respond 2 weeks later and get pissy that I ask them, "who is this??" Escorts are not the only folks who have lives, get busy, and gave things to do!
  5. Dallas - Jim doesn't advertise much, and a friend asked me about his massage and Zen experience. I could not find anything here. Any info [feel free to PM] would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Anyone have any insights or suggestions? Please and Thank You!
  7. Red Flag : A photo with cigarette behind the massuer's ear!
  8. Dallas Jayson


    Hello - did you have any luck? Please PM me, if you have time. Thanks
  9. Absolutely! I have been asking for fully vaxed, or no go!
  10. I have never heard of Candle Nail Salon - will you send me a direct message, please?
  11. Really? Do you have his info? Feel free to send me a direct message. Thanks!
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