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  1. Bump. Anyone see him recently?
  2. Bump. Yeah anyone have any info about Mark? I was hoping to see him again soon.
  3. He has an onlyfans? Can you PM me the link to it?
  4. What is "a lot more"? How much are we talking for an hour? 500?
  5. So I really enjoy kissing but I'm not really into kissing guys with a bunch of facial hair, especially mustaches. Is it appropriate to ask an escort to come to an appointment clean shaven? Especially if they have facial hair in their pics on RM?
  6. Bump. He's coming to NY and DC this week. Anyone meet with him recently?
  7. Bump. Anyone have any recent info/experience?
  8. https://rentmen.eu/Christian_Vip Anyone have any info/experience?
  9. I see he's in DC now. Anyone meet with him yet?
  10. bluestorm

    411 KyleUC

    It is indeed the same guy.
  11. Vasek Pospisil is my tennis crush. Also Borna Coric could get it any day of the week.
  12. If it makes you feel any better, before this whole nightmare started I had been eyeing your profile for quite some time and was actually about to reach out to plan a trip to St. Louis to set something up with you. Once everything calms down (hopefully in the not too distant future) we can arrange something.
  13. https://rentmen.eu/TreyDC Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  14. bumping. any recent info?
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