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  1. thanks jeepo1, mikoreyxxl sounds awesome. I will definitely look him up.
  2. I have seen Alexxi, had a wonderful time. Would Recommend. Looking for others that fit that bill.
  3. Hi Everyone, been lurking for a while, would like a little help. I am looking for a NY Based Escort, preferably Black/Latin (This is Flexible) very large in size, muscled late 20s to early 40s. I have previously seen: https://rent.men/KrisParkes https://rent.men/JuniorNYC https://rent.men/Alexxlcubantop https://rent.men/Africanprince PRMiguel Probably will see a few of them again if they are available as well. https://rent.men/mikoreyXXL https://rent.men/Quads These are two I found that I'm interested in. Does anyone have any experience with them? Could you let me know h
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