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  1. you sir appear to be doing the same thing in reverse. many say "well its ok to put down and judge intolerance". yet thats the same thing that was said in the early part of the last century and those in society felt perfectly fine with their bigotry. you are being bigoted as well. if we are all to truly desire equality and getting along then we ALL have to desire equality and allow differing opinions to stay put.
  2. sir you are as the old fashioned gays would call "elegant".
  3. police officers and military to be exact.
  4. thats a little bit off. nail polish, hair buns, mascara on men are the symptoms of a problem more so than fashion statements. these are more protests against a set of norms and its end sum game is to neutralize masculinity in a way that can be very harmful to society. men becoming nurses and women becoming doctors is an expansion of culture and advancements in society. these "trends" started activists using terms like " down with hyper masculinity" that then turned into "end toxic masculinity". now all out assaults on professions that are by nature male and masculine driven. MODERATOR
  5. True but reread my post. I wasnt so much against these fads and trends as I am against the neutralizing of masculinity by some in our society. Women wearing pants wasnt an attack on femininity. To the contrary. It was the liberating of the woman in society. We have heard the phrase "toxic masculinity" yet I never recall a time when "toxic femininity" was used. All this crap in school is destroying the essence of who we are. We are biological humans. If one wants to "feel" as being other than they are...fine. do NOT however put down our sexual reality. The sheer "masculinity" th
  6. Last few times I looked at his twitter account he had a very unhealthy look to him. Bloated, red faced and older looking than he was. I really hope he is ok health wise. What he decides to do with his life is up to him. The years he spent giving men enjoyment was a great gift!
  7. Its the "neutralizing" of our society. Gender neutrality. What I find interesting is that the assault on masculinity is profound and people saying it's ok to wear a hair bun, nail polish, eye liner etc. Yet I dont see women "neutralizing" and wearing baggy shorts to the gym, taking off make up... except for the few butch lesbians. Many "masculine" professions such as police and military are getting railroaded yet it's funny to hear the stories of the same activists when they get assaulted call 911 for help. "Agressive" type jobs and professions are necessary for our safety and free socie
  8. yes. his brother was more a fitness model type. extremely good looking. where johnny bravo had a full almost bloated handsome face from his weight, his brother had a chiseled jawline and sculpted features
  9. He did straight porn? Wow I would love to see that! I think I did see one video of him where it said he fucked his wife(?) In it. Man if he went out on brazzers or other sites and did straight and bisexual videos it would be something to see!!
  10. If I'm correct he was the escort that overdosed on meth and was revived by paramedics in the florida democrat gubenarorial straight candidate scandal. The candidate then "came out as bisexual". Go figure.
  11. Hot hot competitive type bodybuilder with an awesome cock and dirty mouth!
  12. Looks fresh as an orange bloom! Hahahah
  13. https://mymusclevideo.com/112441/logan-stokes-again/ anyone know anything about this perfect looking specimen? i posted here since he did a web show and seemed to get pretty turned on when the guy on the other end wanted him to cum in his ass. even gave out his contact info to the guy. i saw one other video with him in it but this one shows the most. perfect face, unreal body and hot hot cock! yum!!!
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