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  1. Sorry his ad doesn’t come up & for the life of me I don’t remember who he is without a photo
  2. Yes, today. He’s great.
  3. I hired him a few years ago. Handsome guy, nice body, friendly but a bit withdrawn after we got down to it & really didn’t do much. I later ran into him a couple of times at parties thrown by a wealthy friend of mine who had obviously hired him too. That was slightly awkward. I don’t think he pursues this activity as a regular line of work but only on an as needed basis.
  4. I’m very surprised by these negative comments about Pete. I’ve had many great experiences with him over the course of several years, both in London & NY. Have always had an awesome time with him —he’s always been reliable, ready to go & fun as hell. Sweet, smart guy. His posted age is accurate — he’s been at this a long time. Oops maybe I’ve said too much for this forum.
  5. None that I know of, but just as you don’t go to Walmart for luxury goods, you wouldn’t go to HungXPipe for a massage
  6. Looks like his pics, very handsome former model (a real one, not an Instagram model) sweet & nice.
  7. I have met him & do recommend him — highly.
  8. He’s actually Argentine & has used the name Juliano as well.
  9. I met him at least 10 years ago in nyc. He was certainly hot then & def a bottom. I wouldn’t have thought he was in his 50’s now though but if he is more power to him.
  10. I saw him about a year ago in Amsterdam where he was living at the time. I believe he’s still there & not sure why his profile states Boston.
  11. This is all very helpful, thanks. Sounds like a good bet.
  12. Agree, it would be nice to simply know whether he’s as good a top as he appears to be in some of his videos
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