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  1. A table shower is in a room designed for water (tiled floors and walls, drains on floor). The customer lies on a flat surface similar to a massage table, only usually a hard surface, with a water proof pillow or towel for a headrest. First the customer is face down. There may or may not be a wash cloth covering arse. The employee pours water over the customer, then soaps him up with a loofah type product, then rinses him down. Then employee scrubs body with sugar/salt, then rinses him down. Customer flips over to be face up, perhaps with wash cloth over genitals. Employee repeats w
  2. As long as I can get drunk with my coworkers at an annual Christmas party, then I am happy. Call it a Holiday Party, and I'm not going. Christmas is an American national holiday based on the tradition of workers getting drunk and having fun ar their boss's expense, and guilting little children into behaving because someone is always watching. Shame on the cancel culture that wants to make Christmas a pancea for all cultures around the world. Sorry, folks, we're all different. Let the majority display artwork celebrating their holiday at the appropriate time of the year. Yes,
  3. Thank you for sharing this. With this objective data, it looks approximately equal between each party. The largest disparity appears to be by Jimmy Carter, who appointed the most judges per term in office. It puts things into perspective.
  4. I've seen Sergio many times... He is always strictly therapeutic. I am always completely naked with no draping. He got naked, too, upon request once. But I wouldn't request that again from him. The massage stayed 100% therapeutic.
  5. No, the TSA has signs posted as mandated by Congress. That's how I was informed of my rights. I always choose to opt for a pat down. I don't want to risk any unknown long term effects of the technology, just to save a few minutes of my time.
  6. Memorial Day is a great time to visit the cemeteries and place flowers and American flags to honor the lives of those who have fallen. The date in late May was chosen because flowers should be in bloom in all parts of the country, and should be in abundance for their use at cemeteries. I anticipate more participation this year than last.
  7. BJ Roosters in Atlanta is a gay bar that also has dancers. Dancers don't go nude in public areas as they do in Swinging Richards, but there are private booths. Check them both out. I enjoy Swinging Richards for the full nudity, and I always buy a bracelet to the VIP area. BJ Roosters is easier on the wallet, and is fun also. Check them both out if you have multiple nights in town.
  8. I always adjust my withholdings so I owe a little, and mail a personal check with my returns. That way, when I see the check cashed, I know the returns were also received.
  9. For my taxes, the technology I use is the IRS paper forms and a #2 pencil.
  10. I vividly remember my neighbor, a Jewish woman immigrant, telling me and the neighborhood kids that America is the greatest country there is, and don't we take it for granted. Sure it's not perfect, but she has more personal Liberty here as a woman, as a Jew, as an immigrant, than in any other country on earth. She was a very wise woman. She also escaped pre-World War II socialist eastern Europe. I can't help but give more weight to my late neighbor's view of America than I can to the views of the loudest self-entitled members of the Boomer or Millennial generations that don't know life i
  11. I didn't see an ad solely for massage. But our session was divided into two halfs: legitimate massage, then adult fun. I paid the escort rate. I would recommend him for massage with or without the extra fun. I guess you could ask him what his massage only rate would be, if that's what you're interested in
  12. I went by myself. The trip was easy; the airplane did most of the work ? Puerto Vallarta is a tourist town that caters to US and Canadians (right now, only US). You'll be fine and have lots of fun. When you go, just remember to use your debit card at the airport to withdraw pesos and avoid the exchange rate markup. Ignore the cab and limousine companies inside the airport, wait to get a taxi at the curb outside. It's much cheaper. Try to stay at or near one of the gay hotels in Zona Romantica, near the beach and all the gay bars and strip clubs.
  13. Georgia voters will still have access to water, provided by the poll place. It just won't be allowed to be offered by a political party. I like my polling places neutral, thank you very much
  14. The only time I have stood in line to wait for over an hour was the 2020 Democratic Caucus in Nevada, run by the Democratic party, and the 2020 Nevada Primary as a result of an Executive Order by our Democrat governor. For the Democrat primary, which was run by the D party independent of state oversight, I waited several hours, had only 3 days to vote, no mail in option, and ID required. For all other Nevada ejections run by our Republican Secretary of State, I've enjoyed 2 weeks of early voting available and no more than a 15 minute line. Lines did increase in the 2020 general election, be
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