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  1. Wanderoz


    He's back in DC as Andy. Anyone seen him lately. Nice enough guy. He used to have no problems working in the nude, but was a bit mechanical, though not DIY, at the end. Just wondering if his massage skills have improved and is he more comfortable with what he he is doing.
  2. If it is, he has been 26 for quite some time now.
  3. And one one-star review on Rmen! Easy pass.
  4. Lol! I was such searching for the link to post it!
  5. Well, if he has as good a head on his shoulders as he has on onion-domed one he has on his dick, he is something else! The 70s vibe is a bit strange, but oddly a turn on.
  6. The word "plowable" keeps coming to mind! 😈
  7. Massively discussed in the forum over the last week or so.
  8. Such a temptation, but I have a gut feeling that he is not for real.
  9. Currently in DC. So has anybody met him? Those private pics make me think he is offering a full service option! (I hope!!!)
  10. Does anybody now if he is still on Rentmen under another name? And whether he on that site as a masseur or more?
  11. https://rentmasseur.com/ValVal He's back in DC, so somebody must be hiring him. Any recent updates, anyone?
  12. You might want to ask Armie Hammer about Timothy’s rosebud!
  13. Hotness has to di with so much more than just looks. Per operculum nec iudicatur liber.
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