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  1. I’m very happy with the decision my parents made for me, and even happier that they made it when I was too young to remember. But I definitely appreciate that others feel differently.
  2. A friend of mine always used to refer to a haircut with a middle part as “The Asscrack.” It was immature and rude, but it always dissuaded me from even approaching the center of head when I was parting my hair.
  3. JackNYC

    Steban In NYC

    Did people do in call or outcall? I appreciate a real Thai massage incorporating stretching, but Bushwick is far. Rates seem the same for in call.
  4. Blackmail may be a crime, but it’s an unnecessary, time consuming headache to go through the process of reporting someone. It seems much easier to avoid that by exercising some prudence and using a separate number. Easy insurance!
  5. I can recommend these guys. They take proper COVID precautions (Clorox wipes, rubbing alcohol etc).
  6. JackNYC

    Spa Tips

    You should post this under the “Hottest Massage Video Ever” thread!
  7. or Cirque du Soleil!
  8. Oh Lord, the guy’s just trying to market himself in a tough environment. Cut him some slack - his blunder is more amusing than offensive. ?
  9. It’s pretty doubtful that someone is going to change someone else’s mind regarding social distancing and quarantines in a massage forum. And if you want to try, there’s other threads specifically devoted to this topic so people don’t have to hijack every thread for an exhausting discourse.
  10. Current pics look great - beefy and built.
  11. JackNYC

    Sergio NYC

    Thanks, Typical, very helpful. That plus he has a Spanish mobile number - probably the same guy. Richard BL, not every Russian is blond, but most Russians are not burly Spanish men named Sergio, lol.
  12. JackNYC

    Sergio NYC

    Bump - anyone take the plunge?
  13. I’ve see Ian a few times and can’t recommend him enough. His technique is excellent - probably the best massage I’ve ever had, and he’s a really nice guy.
  14. Not necessarily impossible. Perhaps he’s a magician as Pictures 2 and 27 seem to suggest! And picture 4 really brings home that Vegas performer look.
  15. I had the same reaction. Marketing fail... love the 8 stars, though!
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