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  1. Is he really 5’5?? That short?
  2. how much we talking
  3. I’ve tried writing him at least three times and no response...
  4. I sent him a message. Looks like he just does massages, some mutual touch but no release from him.
  5. Yea I wouldn’t go. Despite your vaccinating they are not at 100% in Colombia with constant lockdowns, curfews and still high infection rates. It wouldn’t be fun
  6. Maybe I missed it, but anyone have experience with him? https://rent.men/DaddyBlaque/
  7. Lol ok just making sure, I recently found his IG and he's looking great
  8. vaguyD

    411- MCali

    Pretty sure I’ve seen his IG or Tik tok. Catfish
  9. Well, unfortunately I had a different experience. Message if you want details
  10. Pretty sure I’ve seen this guy on “gay twitter” - or at least those pics... the twitter @ escapes me.
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