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  1. One other note about Swinging Richards. They have not hired a single new dancer since February 2020. Several hot guys have gone by the club and asked. They were told by the manager we aren’t hiring. Also was told that at 10:30 pm on Friday night they had 10 customers. I’m sure it picked up later. It is a shadow of its former self
  2. I wouldn’t say BJs has better dancers than Richards on a consistent basis. The last few times i went to BJs.... probably 2 months ago, a friend and I lasted less than 30 min. But on Sunday night they had several new guys including a long haired blond athletic to muscular build going by Thor, and a similar built Latin guy from New York going by Liam. I was pleasantly surprised and may visit again in the next few weeks.
  3. A strip club shouldn’t have a $20 cover charge when they aren’t putting dancers on stage.
  4. No… not drunk lawyer. There are actually probably a dozen semi regular big money customers that get a room for an entire night and take multiple dancers with them
  5. A few comments, as someone who has recently travelled to a few cities in Florida (including Fort Lauderdale) and lives in Atlanta. It is very encouraging to see the bars come back to life. First, the crowds are back! I’ve talked to multiple gay bar owners who have said their numbers (crowds and dollars) are higher than pre pandemic levels. every time I walk by Blake’s and Ten they are packed. The Hideaway is packed. The bars in Fort Lauderdale are packed I think this is happening all across the US as people are ready to mingle! Second, Memorial Day weekend is usually a quiet one f
  6. very few of the dancers in Montreal will do gay porn beyond a solo. Maybe 1 in 50. Maybe 1 in 100. Most do seem to be discreet. I never asked a dancer for a private, always waited on them to ask me. Several years ago I left with a very sexy guy (dancer a) and one of the other dancers saw me leave. (dancer b) I always did dances with dancer b. The very next night after sharing a few drinks we went to the back for dances.. before they started this dancer wanted to know why I had never asked him for a private. I told him I never ask dancers for private shows. I only went with guys tha
  7. The border between the US and Canada is still closed. So exactly how are dancers from Montreal able to go to Fort Lauderdale to dance at Johnson’s? https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1367118386738644/posts/3611710985612695
  8. For chidude https://www.message-forum.net/threads/please-help-me-decide-swinging-richards-or-boxers-n-briefs.159225/post-1974450
  9. I wouldn’t describe it as money on lap dances. the really big spenders tend to get a vip room for 2 to 3 hours. And take 2 or more dancers with them. its $400 an hour for each dancer and there is a room fee on top of that. one recently described a room with a customer and 4 dancers where the customer pulled out $400 and said this is the bonus for the first one who cums. I could describe more but won’t. I’ve probably already said to much for a public forum.
  10. So I’ll add a little bit of info to George’s posts about Atlanta. I was actually at richards for a few hours last night. I spent most of my time in the VIP lounge. There were about 20 dancers which i think is about normal since they reopened in August. I say ”I think” because I’ve only been once. last night was probably 80% capacity at its peak. last year on the same weekend, would have been double capacity (Black pride) and standing room only. But from what the dancers have said the crowds have been good and a few big spenders (I.e. the kind that drop $5K to $10k) have stopped in.
  11. I’m not really sure what u mean by getting in on the action vs watching. At SR there are lap dances and VIP rooms.... so it is far from watch only
  12. Rerun. They did have live shows this weekend. Nice to see some of the boys: jay, Kyle, Milton, Denzel, Adrian, vinny, Robbie and others. I’m very appreciative of the reruns and the live shows from stock bar. I wish I could visit. This will be the first summer in 10 years that I haven’t been to Montreal. Hoping the border will open up in September so I can visit.
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