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  1. curious about current recs at shangrila as well.
  2. good to know. thank you. august is one of my all-time favorites.
  3. this is misleading information. whether or not the vaccine prevents the transmission is not yet fully understood, as of today's currently posted CDC guidelines. also, whether or not the masseur is vaccinated certainly does have an effect. two or more people who are fully vaccinated can be together in a room without worry. however, if one or more is not vaccinated, there is a chance (however slight) that the virus can still be transmitted, even if you have been fully vaccinated. as no vaccine is 100% effective.
  4. nice one... https://www.xvideos.com/video61909895/str8_serviced
  5. on the edge for hours... even days is incredible.
  6. sam from shangrila was a favorite of mine. i heard he went private. if anyone has details, please pm me.
  7. i second dylan. he's amazing!
  8. jorge was my favorite at shangrila. does anyone know where he is now, or is he just independent?
  9. I wanted to gift a massage for a friend in SF. He identifies as straight, but is curious to try a m4m massage. Is there a masseur (preferably) at an actual spa (as opposed to in someone's apt) that anyone can recommend? Ideally it would be a real massage that builds sensually and he leaves happy. Thanks in advance.
  10. please tell me this is not true.
  11. some guys do, but discreetly. the attendant rarely if ever comes into the water area anymore.
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