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  1. Lots here to unpack. Re: "with a friend", that could be awkward too depending on the friend. Not all friendships will thrive or survive that kind of experience. Re: "not the typical businessman daddy type", there are many types I wouldn't sweat this one I'd try to focus on someone who will make you feel comfortable. At the risk of stereotyping, maybe someone who's a little older (not early 20s), a little less perfect (not a chiseled god), and has been doing this work a few years with good reviews. They should be mature and experienced enough to make you comfortable (while dr
  2. To the M4M Community: You stepped up and helped navigate a thorny transition, and secure the future of the M4M Site and Community. Almost $11,000 was raised! Team Washington, led by @Orin, used some of the money for travel to/from Las Vegas to secure the computers in Daddy's apartment Some money was also used to move the site to new hosting servers etc. and secure a new Domain name Team Washington has now transferred the remaining money to @RadioRob and all remaining funds will be used to support costs associated with the ongoing operation of the site. There
  3. I'd rather we be investing in high speed rail...much bigger impact. Like the Concorde, this will serve the uber-rich and ultra business travelers. Unlike 20+ years ago, we now have Zoom Skype and Teams is we need to see someone urgently yo get business done, which IMHO puts the value question into question.
  4. Google "man in bathing suit" and check Google images, I suspect you will have 1000s to choose from 😉
  5. As Broadway reopens, ALL seats are available when a new play is confirmed! If you act quickly you can get great seats for just about every show. Same for concerts as they get posted. Have great seats for MJ, Dear Evan Hansen, and Chicago (so far). Good luck! Jack
  6. I just bought tickets to Evan Hansen and Chicago in late Oct. Great seats for both! Also picked up tix for MJ (Michael Jackson) Enjoy..... Jack
  7. I had previously suggested a porn discussion channel. Maybe both could be incorporated?
  8. I think a shower is the best way to start a session. If provides a very erotic place to get naked and explore each others bodies. Rubbing soap all over someone hot body and exploring every crevice is hot AF. A shower provides the perfect start to a session since it has the dual benefit of ensuring you BOTH are as clean as could be, which should be a relief to both parties.
  9. Unitarian Universalists' believe in a Higher Power, not god per se....whatever that person believes that higher power to be
  10. Good advice from others, in addition to making initial contact ahead of time I would reconnect at t-1 days and a few hours before. Asking for a shower is fair game, in fact what hotter way to start a session - get in that shower with him! Just remember that is time on the clock. I have found providers to be 50/50 on taking pictures/vids. Agree you should ask this in advance. Have a blast!
  11. I work at one of the top hospitals in the country and your "analysis" pure BS. Who were all those people clogging beds in the emergency rooms and ICUs on ventilators? Facts are still facts, even in this bizarro time. FACT: There is a new novel virus called COVID19. FACT: It is much more severe than the flu FACT: It kills people, lots of people. FACT: Over 500,000 people in the US have died from this virus If you look at 20 years of data, heart disease is #1. If you look at last 12 months, it is not. Facts are Facts.
  12. I bought my first electric vehicle this year, a (used) BMW i3. There are definitely pros and cons, so far the pros outweigh the cons for me. Any other EV owners out there? My car has a Range Extender, a small gas engine which acts as a generator (produces power, does not power the wheels). Most importantly, the range extender means not worrying about running out of power. For me, without the range extender (which is an option) this car would not be viable for me. New, this car is over priced ($50k) but at 3 years old you can pick up for half that. I found a 3 year old with 15k mi
  13. Min 3 forms of ID 😝
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