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  1. I’ve seen Gabe recently and would not repeat. PM for details.
  2. MJH64

    Kevinn - DC/NY?

    Yeah he should remove his ad, after twice being ignored I haven’t tried again.
  3. I tried to but he got pissy when I had to reschedule. PM me for details.
  4. MJH64

    Kevinn - DC/NY?

    This guy has ignored me twice in the last month, have texted him twice in SF with no answer. Now, is that any way to run a massage business?
  5. Check your inbox, just PM'd you...
  6. I saw him yesterday in SF. Don't get your hopes up about pleasing and satisfying. PM me for details.
  7. I texted him this week: total flake. Took 12 hours to initially respond and then never followed up after that.
  8. C Minus. Ended at 30 minutes, seemed bored the whole time. I almost didn't pay him the full amount but just wanted to get out of there (he was staying in a semi-seedy hotel).
  9. MJH64

    Fernando SF

    Can't believe he's still doing this all these years later. I saw him a couple of times back in the 90s, always seemed bored with what he was doing.
  10. Yes I saw him twice when he was in SF. Excellent service, PM me for details.
  11. I've been to Max several times, he's great. Awesome massage skills and you won't be disappointed. I don't know the others but I seem to remember Brody was therapeutic only on his previous ads, not sure if he's moved to sensual or not.
  12. Anyone have an experience with this guy? He's in SF this weekend and I'm thinking of seeing him. https://rentmasseur.com/John_EUR
  13. FYI I texted Daniel recently and he said he's out of town until Nov. 6. Don't know why he didn't mark his ad as such. I've seen him once when he first arrived here and he was aloof, just something about him doesn't connect.
  14. Any more info on Daniel? Thinking of trying him soon but not sure it would be worth it. I like a little more interactive attention from a masseur than it sounds like he provides.
  15. I saw him twice because his place was convenient to where I live: within walking distance. But as I said it just wasn't very good: not a great massage and he seemed nervous about his roommate being home. Won't be a repeat for me!
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