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  1. are you living in Tampa now?
  2. 30 years old....come on fella, he looks about 40
  3. Well since the Corona virus has the World by the balls, my job is finally very open to me working in a remote location. Since this is beginning to look like it will be around for a while, I would like to continue to work my job at other remote locations other than my home. I did some digging around on line but found myself competing with travelers looking for vacation lodging. So does anyone know of a service (website) I could use that would give me direction for options to set up shop at any stateside location for weeks at a time?
  4. Brad Pitt in "A River Runs Through it" damn, I would say "If that don't do anything for you, you are dead anyway" He still does it for me after all these years.
  5. cougar


    Damn, wish I could give you information due to personal experience with him, but, damn he is fine!
  6. WOW, If he is as nice as he looks, my goodness. Wish he would travel to Florida.
  7. He is from Tampa Florida. He advertised for a few years and only saw one review of him here and it was good, I should have tried him before he moved to WEHO.
  8. About 15 years ago in Washington, DC, I hired a guy and we really did hit it off. He told me I was the nicest client he had ever had, we connected so well, we ended up talking for like 90 minutes before anything happened and then for well over an hour after we finished, and this was for a two hour appointment. I had to tell him that I was not prepared to pay for all the time as it keep progressing and he told me he was happy with just getting paid for the two hours. I think the only reason he did not stay longer was because he had to get to work. I was leaving the next day and he offered to co
  9. Damn, wish I had personal experience to report. Too hot...
  10. Tampa Bay is pitiful. The escorts here are weak and every now and then we might get one to pass through and then they realize this is not Miami and they leave fast and never return. You would think with 2.8 million here, things would be better, but usually just thugs and guys that are more fitting on backpage.
  11. Dear Lord, I wish I had personal experience with him !!!
  12. The first picture of a hard dick is not him.....I know, cause that is my bedroom and I took that picture about 12 years ago of my favorite escort. I am sure I still have the original picture somewhere.
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