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  1. I’m pretty sure he is completely straight. He did offer an up charge during the massage with some mutual touch and jo and we both ended happy. He mentioned something about possibly receiving oral, but I didn’t take it there.
  2. Former College Kicker/Punter too! https://roarlions.com/sports/football/roster/chandler-carrera/1302
  3. You might want to search them in twitter, most post some sort of previews there.
  4. Not so recent, but I’ve seen Will a few times before. Really excellent massage technique, he brings his table and he is in his boxer briefs during the massage. He also gets on top of the table during some parts which felt great. He is straight though, so it’s mostly therapeutic/sensual but definitely a hot massage. Once it went a little bit further which was unexpected. But overall would highly recommend for a real massage with a hot guy.
  5. Apparently Astin is up for more than just massage. https://rent.men/AstinJames
  6. In case anyone needs another visual on him. His quarantine workout from his personal training.
  7. He has his Twitter link in his profile under his previous TannerTurner name, with OF link. Some of his work he has online too https://www.pornhub.com/model/tannerturner801/videos
  8. Would be interested in a PM also! Maybe you can at least describe on the thread what happened to make the massage turn more erotic with those therapists.
  9. Sounds like this could be a fun experience. How far was he willing to go with the massage?
  10. Just happened to watch this YouTube video last night where Absolutely Blake ( ?? straight cutie) talks about a toy which sounds like it’d make a great accessory for the massage chair! ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwdbYKAz9G8:330
  11. Looks like a new cute guy in Ft Lauderdale area. Anyone happen to see him? Nice picture of him in the red shorts! https://www.masseurfinder.com/massage-therapists/41145/
  12. And maybe a place like Johnson’s that seems to fit into a gay community... a great place to have a drink and see some guys dance and provide entertainment?
  13. Noah

    Kyle in Miami Beach

    Anyone try to contact or have a massage from Kyle yet?
  14. Well with the start of COVID vaccinations in the past few days, give it a few weeks and there may be a whole new group from the front line of the pandemic who might be a lot more willing to get out there and have some fun with the knowledge that they’re significantly safer to venture out there somewhat protected while still following guidelines and burn some cash on some hot guy to stimulate... the economy?
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