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  1. That’s very sweet. I will not be back, though. Have a great time!
  2. I’ll be releasing a room at Inndulge this evening after work. FYI. Hope it helps someone out. Approx 7 EST.
  3. Right. 341 now. We’re practically there.
  4. As an abecedarian who is typically overwhelmed by shyness, I was more than a little anxious about attending this event. A couple of issues motivated me to show up and I couldn't have been happier. Almost to a man, folks were warm and fun and friendly and welcoming. It was like a family reunion. I was lucky enough to sit next to @Oliver at Trio and he was engaging and funny. I ran into @Epigonos Friday evening (?) at Inddulge and it seemed like a wave of smiles and laughter followed him throughout the weekend. The deviled eggs were outstanding and as a simple farm boy from the foothills for the Great Smokey Mountain, I have eaten (and judged)hundreds of deviled eggs. @azdr0710 not only carted me around, he seemed happy to do so. Also, don't miss his hikes. He'll probably like you better and won't abandon you, whimpering and helpless and hydration-free, on Rim Road. @Eric Hassan is one of the nicest men I've ever met. He drove me several places and I was especially glad to have a bud bud. @purplekow is entertaining and jovial. @stevenkesslar took his face out of his Tristan Baldwin pics collection long enough to have lunch with me and @LoveNDino. He's thoughtful and funny and down-to-earth. @latbear4blk is also very wittyr and I was glad that his personality matched his persona here. He's a nice guy with a terrific sense of humor. @alexhawk was gleeful and smiling every time I saw him. @sf westcoaster was a joy. LoveNDino was the only man I knew going into the weekend and we had only texted before Thursday. We braided each other's hair, talked about boys and became lifelong friends. Don't worry, LoveNDino. If they let you come back next year, I'm sure you'll make a much better impression! I know I've overlooked many folks and I'm sorry for that. I was often lost in the two name game (forum v. public) and I cannot get many of those straight. I mainly wanted to address men who might think this isn't isn't for them for one reason or another. I was more than comfortable. I was immersed in comraderie and friedship immediately. I'm sure I'd well up at the thought if I hadn't had my feelings removed in 1989. Well done, guys! Thank you all so much. Is there any way we can hold this event in Barcelona next year? I really want to visit Spain! TA!
  5. I wonder which two members? @LoveNDino was there. I’ll bet he knows!
  6. Use Weedmaps or Leafly I’m pretty sure the nearest is PSA Organica
  7. I second Stranger by the Lake suggestion. Also, Tangerine, 100 Men, Paris is Burning, The Way He Looks, 4th Man Out, Staying Vertical
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