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  1. Do we have to choose??? Why not both. They’re both hot!!!
  2. Exactly. Thanks for adding link and story.
  3. I vote for a gay bachelor season! Good for him. I think he’s hot!!!
  4. Yes I’d like to know too. Did you see him??
  5. Agree. I think he’s great too. Seen him a number of times.
  6. Bump. Anything recent?? Seems to be traveling a bit.
  7. jjxxxx


    Hi guys. Any info??? https://rentmasseur.com/Belatinmassage/reviews/ He is in mpls now.
  8. Hey guys. Anyone have info in this guy?? https://rentmasseur.com/JayGreene thx!!
  9. Saw him tonight. Excellent massage!! Some touch and I was happy.
  10. jjxxxx

    411 on Drew NYC

    Just saw him. Definitely would not Repeat.
  11. I did end up seeing him in mpls. It was a good experience. I would repeat.
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