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  1. https://www.masseurfinder.com/massage-therapists/34915/ Ad text makes him sound strictly therapeutic, but prices are pretty high. Search was not my friend. Anyone with any experience?
  2. Now I REALLY want to meet these brothers!
  3. Has anyone had a more than therapeutic experience with Rick? Thanks!
  4. My experience with BradWhatever was similar, but not quite as bad, as I commented previously. My guess is that if you’re younger and hotter than him you’ll have a good time. Otherwise, you might encounter a stone cold yet skilled masseur. As far as the short-term rentals, both times I saw him, once in HK in NYC and then again on the north side of Chicago, he was in a dump. Dumps are probably easy to find, even in a major city.
  5. I’d like the number for the client!
  6. That is one incredible body. I might just book an appointment with him to get diet and workout tips!
  7. I wonder if anyone has gone Up the Ante. I certainly wouldn't mind!
  8. I’ve seen John twice. Good Thai-style massage with interaction, but the second time I saw him, two years ago, he had put on a bit of weight
  9. Miss Lindsey Graham is a DC power bottom.
  10. I concur with chgobrt. Saw Victor many years ago when he was working in the 'burbs. At that time he was not that fit, but the equipment was memorable. Same story - girlfriend/kid - and he didn't get hard but didn't mind touch. As I recall, the massage was okay, but he stopped to talk a lot. I can't recall if there was a HE.
  11. I texted him to see if he came to my area (he does), and if he has a table (he does not). He was prompt and courteous.
  12. Had an appt with him a few years ago. He flaked on me. Apologized a few days later. No reason for flaking. Not worth trying again.
  13. I'm guessing that anyone who has ever lived in a crappy apartment building will know what I'm talking about. It's the smell of overcooked cabbage, fish that's more than three days old, poor ventilation and garbage that doesn't get taken out as often as it should. Been there. Don't want to be reminded of those days when I'm paying close to $200 for what is supposed to be a pleasurable, spa-like experience. No slight against the poor, just the stank of not so great memories
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