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  1. Question? How often escorts got herpes? And is it easy to transmitted to clients.
    1. Cyd_StVincent


      Hi! I'm not sure why you are directing this question to me here but there isn't really a clear answer. 20% of the adult populace will test positive for the virus that can cause genital herpes and 80% of the adult populace will test positive for the herpes that can show up as cold sores.
    2. Cyd_StVincent


      So sexual behavior with anyone poses a risk for herpes. Its skin to skin transmission so having mucous membrane (dick/vaginal/mouth skin) connection with someone who either has active sores, or has just had or is about to have an outbreak is risky. Talking to your sexual partners and asking them about their history of out breaks will reduce risk, as will using condoms.
    3. Cyd_StVincent


      If you need your risk level to be zero then you should stick to hand jobs and remember that kissing can be a risk. However, herpes - while annoying is actually not a life threatening virus by any means. Most people have no or low occurrence of outbreaks so choose the risk level that makes the best sense for your life.
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