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  1. You mean approximate to nearest Thousand:)
  2. LOL.. HELL NO! I am 72 now and up into my late 50s I came 5-7x a day .. usually with help I located cruising. i used to be so much easier:) I have far exceeded your number. Now! 5-7x a WEEK but still usually with help:)
  3. Interesting discussion. I have seen pictures of HOT men who are Trans. I could engage sexually with then. I could NO longer get hard and have sex with a women BUT I could get skin splitting ROCK hard and fuck a HOT Trans MAN.
  4. Read that those tests were only 50% accurate
  5. I believe it! He probably had a high libido - I had testicular cancer and one testicle removed. I jerked off just before surgery AND again 12 hours after:) Wished there had been a helpful nurse - the one who shaved my groin pre-surgery flopped my penis around more than I thought necessary:) got a good semi but had just cum so not an instant rock hard presentation -- wouldn't have taken much to get me there - this was 37 years ago when I was cumming 5-7x a day --- libidos can be a disability. --- Now let the nay sayers pounce:):)
  6. MY policy in life has always been to GIFT and never loan - I will ask them to pay it forward 2x over life -- doesn't have to be big gifts for them to pay forward - they can do it in 20s when that is significant to the recipient! Right now, I have a session prepaid with a long term masseur (years) - I expect to get to have the session - but if circumstances and the world prevent that from happening -- no problem -- better he have it than heirs fighting over what is left.
  7. supposedly the medical word is that if you have had, are over and healthy, you are safe to interact with the world..
  8. Two of my three regulars (#2 & #3) have shut down and are seeing no clients. Right now my #1 is still willing to see me - we have worked together for years - Appointment is the first week in April - hopefully he will still see me then - I not only desperately need the massage for my maturing body!!! I need the human TOUCH and connection and I need to ejaculate with more than just my own energy involved!!!
  9. As a client, I do NOT think you should be dropping your fee!!!! IF a client wants a "massage", some massage moves can be great foreplay -- Sensual, erotic touch and stokes to relax the client and get the blood flowing:) In this scenario, it is still an escort session - Stand firm as you and your client stay hard:)
  10. Even better:) when the top leans down and deep throats you while he is buried deep in your ass! Have only found three men limber enough to do this - two were in their 20s and one was a phenomenal top in his 40s :)
  11. Today I had two, balls deep, long, slow blow jobs by the same plumber Two Hours apart. It didn't stop me from totally enjoying this man's oral skills:) I assume Covid-19 could be passed during oral sex, No immediate plans to stop enjoying blow jobs and the nicer weather is bringing the talented mouths out searching! I always use a medical wipe and urinate after I feed my load:) The wipes are like hospitals have you use on your penis before giving a urine or semen sample. Not a lot of information on Covid-19 and sex.
  12. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder if the Hot Guys opening the door would blow me?? and I could return the favor:):)
  13. SO MUCH TRUTH in this post! Thank you! Sadly perfectly regular/average erections are labeled small and men with beautiful cocks feel embarrassed and inadequate. This will bring my nay-sayers back out! But in my 71 years I have seen TENS of Thousands of erect cocks - Yes, sorry Nay-sayers - up into my mid 50's I came 5-7 times today and the majority of those loads were swallowed by a horny cock lover. I am average - might have hit 6"in my younger years when so aroused it felt like mu cock would explode - always a nice 5.75" and age has me nearer 5.5" now -- little thicker than average an
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