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  1. Does anyone have links to his porn videos? He's done some commercial work.
  2. Takes a lot of work, like anything, to be successful. Same with masseurs and escorts… not “easy money”.
  3. Any info on this guy? https://www.masseurfinder.com/massage-therapists/39665/
  4. Wow... good new pics... any updates?
  5. Not interactive? More like a montionless body being penetrated? Or how?
  6. A member sent me a private message telling me that there were some sensual elements after a few visits. And that he likes a nice ass 🤭 I think he’s too expensive now and a pain in the ass to schedule with him. I gave up. I only saw him 2x I think.
  7. Ugh. Still using the same outdated pics. He doesn’t look like that anymore.
  8. Have you been able to play your fetish with some masseurs?
  9. Based on his pvt gallery I’d say he also offers full service. Am I correct @Chris4481
  10. What a shame I guess he doesn’t know his target market.
  11. Did you mean https://rentmasseur.com/Gabrielg ?
  12. I wouldn’t hire an escort like the one you described. It has to do more with him being vain than with him being an escort. I prefer escorts that natural, masculine, down to earth guys. The escort you met would do the same things if he was an accountant.
  13. He's back... ! Looks more mature...!! 🥰 Any updates?
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