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  1. I’ve admired Mario is SOOO many photos, and fantasized SOOO many times, but I dunno, the thought of the need for a hairdresser never crossed my mind - and I don’t suspect that it ever will. 😁
  2. Had a great two hour session with him. I recommend him!
  3. Invaluable information! Many thanks. 😄
  4. I don’t understand the attraction, but it’s similar to my opinion of tattoos, a criticism that decreased dramatically after many fine sessions with tatted escorts.
  5. I agree. I have told many providers that your competitors all have good bodies and good dicks, but after corresponding with you and seeing your photos, you make me smile. That’s key and, so far, has resulted in a lot of great sex. 😊😋😈
  6. No, no. You must be mistaken. This “straight”’ escort says he’s 21, so discussions a few years ago would make him far too young. 🤣
  7. Maybe that accounts for the ridiculously high rates - paying to deflower a straight virgin? 🤣
  8. This guy appears to be new to the business. https://rent.men/YoungMuscleJake Anyone know about him?
  9. Ah, our differences help make life more interesting. 😃
  10. I remember a few years back when I told a now-favorite escort I liked to rim, but getting rimmed wasn’t a big deal to me. He said, “Oh, I really like to rim” then he flipped me over and went to it. He quickly had me moaning and wishing it would never stop. I’ve always been grateful to him. 😈
  11. Yep. His prerogative. But if someone else considers such a condition, he might learn how people here reacted to it and conclude it’s a bad marketing move.
  12. An inspiring guy! See: http://Fitness ✦ Travel » Marcos Reis (@marcosreisk) • Instagram photos and videos
  13. StLouisOct

    Farid Jock

    I've always thought the private photo section on Rentmen pages gives a provider the opportunity to show some enticing photos to potential clients. Sure, some just want to see them to get inspired, but I, and I assume many others, find them helpful in making a choice for a session. FaridJock - FaridJock - Male Escort - Portland, OR | Rent.Men - takes what I believe is an ill-advised approach. His site tells you: DO NOT ASK ME TO UNLOCK MY PRIVATE GALLERY WITHOUT SENDING A GIFT. Wow, I've never seen that before. I wish him luck, but I bet he won't inspire anyone.
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