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  1. Standard rate not sure if thats changed. You'll have to contact him about travelling not sure if he did pre-pandemic.
  2. Sorry to hear. Doesn't shock me though considering he appears busy always looking for guys on Twitter to film OnlyFans content with. Pretty much have to keep a back up plan when booking popular OF creators.
  3. DMICS

    411 thickturk

    Good lord. Wow.
  4. When he 1st popped up in NYC in 2019 it was $250. IIRC he was in Chicago prior to that, not sure what his rate was then.
  5. I made a thread a few years back with the same intentions https://www.m4m-forum.org/topic/106596-the-onlyfans-justforfans-4myfans-thread/page/10/?tab=comments#comment-1810940 It was solid but then I came across the site LPSG where the community is much larger so there's more feedback on OnlyFans and JustForFans pages. I usually just go to LPSG and search the performer's name. Usually there's feedback on the performer's page and if its worth it or not. I've definitely saved myself lots of money and being burned by doing that.
  6. Great guy. My session with him was perfect. Sadly this was pre-pandemic in 2019.
  7. Would be nice to know if they're fully vaccinated. But I feel like the "fully vaccinated" will be the new "on Prep" so I'll move accordingly.
  8. While he was living here in Montreal I was going to book a session with him. I believe I did a 411 on here asking about him and soon after 2 members PM'd me about their bad experiences with him so I held off.
  9. Daniel has been on my list even before he got on RM. Sadly I need certain assurances he can't guarantee so I've had to pass many times I wanted to hire him.
  10. When I can cross the border with no worries: MuscleVIP (again) Eric Hassan (again) Connor Montgomery Thorhester (if I can reach him) BigMuscleNYC (if I can reach him) Tristan Baldwin (hopefully can reschedule after he had to cancel pre-pandemic)
  11. The market is Toronto has been somewhat stale for a while now. The pandemic didn't help either and now it's tougher for providers in other areas of Canada to visit Toronto with new restrictions when crossing states/provinces. Some new guys have popped on the market recently with good reviews. https://rentmen.eu/ItalianStallyn https://rentmen.eu/HotMikeCruz https://rentmen.eu/MxLiam https://rentmen.eu/HungToronto/
  12. I definitely remember on his OnlyFans, one of the videos available for purchase from his organized directory was one of him in that act....LOL.
  13. I definitely have a list of fitness guys, muscle heads on Instagram that I'm curious if they're open to being hired on the side.
  14. If you're in America I'd say you're the lucky one. Vaccines rolling in, can travel within the country, and countless of providers all over the country. Here the provider market is stale and we can't travel within the country. I'm super jealous of the United States right now. I'm missing out on so much potential hiring experiences.
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