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  1. Agreed. He would be painfully thin at that weight.
  2. I can’t help you there @ffdave. I played with him in Florida.
  3. @rickx I’m a long term fan of the Chamberlain Hotel in WeHo. It has very big rooms (with a big bed), the equivalent space of a suite in some hotels. It also has a great rooftop pool. And the restaurant was decent for breakfast or a light lunch.
  4. The BBC has this comment today on the delayed response by Australia What's gone wrong with Australia's vaccine rollout? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-56825920
  5. Totally agree with @lonely_john. When I hired, I too ensured that my messages were polite, brief and to the point. I heard several times from escorts that they found the contact with me refreshing. As they put it, I was obviously looking to meet and I didn’t waste their time. Some escorts told me of how often they were deluged with messages seeking pics or wanting to chat - all this they characterized as time-wasting. I’m not suggesting @bostonman that you are not serious about hiring. But you might be more flexible and ask if he has time for a brief phone call so you can check t
  6. To answer the OP’s question, I hired together with a good friend several times. It worked very well. The reasons it worked well are various. Our personalities mesh and we both enjoy handsome muscleboys. I arranged the hiring. He’s shy, I’m not; he loves to rim, I don’t rim; I love to top, he doesn’t; I don’t bottom, he does; and we both enjoy getting our cocks sucked. I guess @whatsthefuss it will depend on your relationship with your friend and what in particular you and he enjoy doing and having done to you. I suggest you have a good long talk with your friend about the detai
  7. Do I understand from what you’ve posted @latbear4blk that the Zoo has been replaced by this Eco Parque? I recall staying with an Argentine friend in 2005 whose rather glamorous apartment overlooked the zoo and hearing the loud roar of the lions. Whatever happened to the lions? Of all the public spaces in that area, I always liked best the Japanese Garden. Have you visited or revisited that yet?
  8. My advice @Coolwave35 is to set out and agree ALL the ground rules before he moves in. You do not want disputes or arguments and drama later. When I was single, I enjoyed having various models visiting Europe stay as house-guests. Many were str8, all were polite and friendly; some became lovers. What matters to you may vary a lot from what matters to me, but I’d discuss personal matters in advance. If he has a girl- or boy-friend, can they stay overnight, and how often? How about smoking in the house or use of drugs? How noisy, how late at night will he be?
  9. @Latbear4blk I wonder if the astonishing remarks by the Argentine President have been widely reported in Argentina? He referred to Brazilians as being “from the jungle”! Alberto Fernández: Argentine president apologises for Brazil comments https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-57422758
  10. I’m very glad you’re enjoying the “continuing saga” @KrisParr. It does seem that you are truly in lust. And I note that you’ve had plenty of good advice here, with several of us urging caution. He is definitely on the wild side; let’s hope he isn’t discovered by law enforcement.
  11. I’m always relaxed about having company in an hotel. I find it very pleasurable to entertain a young man and have him service me before a good dinner in the hotel restaurant. And sometimes I take him down to have breakfast with me the next morning. Staff in a good hotel have almost certainly “seen it all” before, and IME quite a number of hotel workers are gay.
  12. That was my experience when I had a week-long vacation there. The only way you can be sure of having some fun at night is to do what I did, and take a companion with you.
  13. I feel the caution suggested by both @john1973 and @lonely_john is well advised. And the description of it as “mindfuck” is merited. Unless you haven’t told us something @KrisParr, did you reveal a lot about yourself in your earlier gym chats or do you think he checked into you and your life comprehensively before the date? He seems to me to be very indiscreet. Here’s a question for @KrisParr: just how relaxed would you feel if this man were to be arrested and charged with say tax evasion, money laundering or drug possession? Would you think that he would keep you completely out of h
  14. You seem to have good taste in men @Dchan. Matt aka Tom was also asked about on page 7 of this earlier thread Others were interested but no-one seems to have actually physically interacted with him. Make of that what you will.
  15. Many here have related over the years how paying in advance meant seeing their money disappear. I’d say: Don’t do it. Never pay in advance. And Yes, I ignored the general advice once myself. A guy I knew intimately from having 3 overnight dates with him asked for help with “cash flow” before we had a week-long vacation together. It worked out OK, but I wouldn’t advance money again.
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