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  1. Just looked her up on wikipedia and youtube and I find her story fascinating. I'm pleasantly surprised by how accepting society was of her at the time.
  2. Interesting. Why that specific preference?
  3. I've heard you can get great discounts with the faggot card.
  4. An escort I met two years ago has transitioned and is now a woman. I support her decision obviously. She lives in another city so it's not like I could meet her anyway but I'm just curious if any of you would consider doing a repeat with an escort who was male when you saw them but is now female-identifying? Would you think about it for at least a few seconds or is it a hard pass?
  5. LPSG is the place to go to to for that sort of thing. This forum has a touch of class which would be denuded by adding LPSG-like characteristics.
  6. I'm unfortunately not a good enough actor to attempt that. And yeah I've never gotten the impression that hotel staff care about guests but I only stay at big chains like holiday inn, novotel etc. when I travel. I can't speak to practices at the more niche hotels.
  7. My preference has always been for hotels which don't require keycards for the elevators. It's much more seamless for the escort to come directly to your room that way without you having to go down and potentially attracting attention. Because of my age, it's very easy to pass of an escort as a friend or whatever but I could still do without that hassle.
  8. I find the idea of conquering tops very erotic for some reason. At least in my experience, it's rare to find a top only escort but it's more common outside the escort world. If you've ever accomplished this feat how did you do so? Also interested in hearing stories you've heard if you've not been involved personally.
  9. I'm bi but as a kid I remember having a weird feeling when I saw high school guys playing basketball with their shirts off. I just couldn't take my eyes off them for some reason.
  10. Of late there's been an influx of hot Russian boys.
  11. You're right. I've never been a simp.
  12. What's the point of handing over a wad of cash without getting to play with the goods?
  13. At this point, basically every twink on twitter and instagram has an onlyfans. Obviously, the buyer can't subscribe to all their onlyfans so in the end a few superstars will do well on there but most will find that onlyfans is not a viable source of income.
  14. There's a very sad trend of gay porn actors dying way too young. I don't know what's behind this trend but it's something that needs to be looked into.
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