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  1. I'm sure Denis Vega has been mentioned https://i.imgur.com/vmIVdac_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium
  2. I do but no one seems do it that well. For me it seems masseurs are either too rough with the chest or they avoid it altogether.
  3. I was taking a risk by seeing him for a massage. There is another thread with 2 positive reviews and then with his low rate I thought what the heck. But I think that was the worst massage I ever had none of his techniques felt good or relaxing and then he pulled out the massaging wand...I don't know what that is supposed to do but it was just as bad. I almost started laughing because it reminded me of a Friends episode where Ross pretends to be masseur and rolls tonka trucks up and down this man's back and uses wooden spoons 😂
  4. I saw this man a few years ago now but I had a great time with him...reasonably priced as well...at least at the time. May take sometime to communicate as he doesn't always have his "work" phone with him https://rentmen.eu/DexterFlex
  5. Bump! Any updates for this masseur? Thanks
  6. He has some of the same pics as Thiagosport on rentmassuer His masseur ad says he is in Minneapolis...I never got a response from him though so he may not actually be here. https://rentmasseur.com/Thiagosport
  7. Kman

    New format

    Great job on the new site/format! I'm sure it isn't an easy process and probably has been a time consuming task for all involved!! THANK YOU!
  8. There are two private schools near me that have very good looking guys attending year in and year out (St. Thomas and Bethel). And I have seen some good looking men at the University of Minnesota up and down fraternity row.
  9. And does have a rentmen ad: https://rentmen.eu/CamiloAmado And I would assume he would provide a great BFE.
  10. I took the plunge. He provides a great massage very sensual looks like his pics maybe not as cut/defined. He is currently in Mpls and heading to Indianapolis. Resides in Queens.
  11. I took the plunge. It was a good massage, looks like his pics. Although he is a bit pricey for the area and in an outer ring burb.
  12. Kman


    Nice find! Another reason to visit SF!
  13. The last time I went to the Adonis he was the bartender...very nice guy I would imagine he would be a lot of fun. And I think there is already a thread on him.
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