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  1. By mutual agreement- ignore each other in public, if forced to talk, we don't know each other.
  2. I'd stay away - he seems to have problems. When he was in Chicago, I texted him to see if he was interested in a 1 or 2 hour session. He told me to f- myself. Either he really hates me without ever meeting me, or he was on something.
  3. Ah yes....brings back happy adolescent memories...
  4. I texted him awhile ago, but didn't get an answer. Too bad - he'd be good in my lineup.
  5. Ah. The a la carte providers. Once I texted a provider, and noting that he said he was into kissing, role play, etc., asked him his rates. He responded that his rate was based on how many "intos" I checked off. I just let that text conversation die...
  6. Yup. No face, no money. Hundreds of other guys out there are willing to show their faces. Not everyone understands supply and demand.
  7. Everyone seems to be forgetting: There is no foolproof way to tell if someone's vaccinated if you're in the U.S. The only "proof" I or anyone else can offer is a handwritten little CDC card that a 10 year old could forge. The only person you can be certain is vaccinated is yourself.
  8. Neither have I (in Chicago at least), although it popped up briefly a few months ago.
  9. I'm already fully vaccinated, so although being with someone who isn't vaccinated is slightly risky, it's an acceptable risk. Besides, I stopped hiring in December 2020 because of the winter Covid wave. It's long enough.
  10. Strange...I've had the same experience with providers....
  11. That was it. Thanks! Too bad he's not escorting anymore.
  12. Guys, maybe someone can help me remember a now retired (or at least unlisted) from RentMen. He was from Las Vegas, and his RM was "Mario" with some other word after in (it wasn't Mario-X in Chicago). He was Latin and a professional body builder. Called himself a bottom and seemed willing to do anything. Does anyone know what happened to this gentleman? Last I heard from him was when he was going to visit Chicago in Dec. 2017, but I wasn't available. Unfortunately.
  13. It's been a month since my second Moderna vaccine. I haven't hired all year yet, since I'm currently staying in a rural area for the pandemic (I return to Chicago in July). I've decided to finally leap back in. In a weekend or so, I'll make a quick trip to the nearest city with a good RM selection. As long as I'm fully vaccinated, there should be no risk. Besides, after this long, I'm feeling like a horny 14 year old kid.
  14. Can any providers confirm or deny this list's accuracy? https://sexworkerhelpfuls.com/f/sex-work-approved-payment-options
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