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  1. I was going to say the same although I feel like @peterhung85 is the BEST. He needs no further recommendations from me. Just, the BEST.
  2. You should expect a lot of people waiting in queue for this dear @peterhung85
  3. GLEE

    VEGAS Escort

    @peterhung85 for sure. Just read his polite yet funny and thoughtful responses all across the forum. He is way better than you could’ve imagined.
  4. I talked to him a while back when he was actually contacting me here on the forum. If I remember it right, there are prior discussions about him and people participating in those discussions had quite different experiences with him, especially regarding whether he kisses or not. I indeed asked him about this forefront, and his response at the time was sort of ambiguous.... ("It depends....;" "If I think your personal hygiene is good..."). As someone who is confident in my own personal hygiene, the sort of subjective tone is his response made me hesitate and in the end I did not have the pleasure to meet with him.
  5. Agreed, @peterhung85 is the definition of BFE
  6. No one provides better BFE than @peterhung85 ~~~
  7. His ad expired.... does anyone know if he’s still in the business?
  8. GLEE


    @peterhung85 is simply one of the BEST!!
  9. As much as I'd LOVE to recommend @peterhung85 , he's been super busy and won't be back in Vegas until the end of this month.... (sadness overload)
  10. Bump! Anyone saw him recently? I’m also confused as some say he’s great yet the comment above says he’s a bore...
  11. Hi all: Been through some rough times lately and looking forward to taking a short trip to LA this upcoming weekend. I’m also looking for some recommendations of tops in the LA market who may provide some nice BFE (kisses, make out..., etc). Preferably taller than me (I’m 6’1”) and more on the athletic side but I’m not too strict about these requirements. So far I’ve only pinned down the two following gentlemen who have very favorable reviews: https://rent.men/Meatball_Mike https://rent.men/Marcus_A/ Would love to see if anyone here has recommendations of other gentlemen whom I stupidly missed. Any input from you guys are more than appreciated. Thanks
  12. Just when I was about to mention how amazing @peterhung85 is.....
  13. https://rent.men/Fitboyprince/ Is this him?
  14. https://rent.men/Romani His review pops up today. It caught my eye because his other and older reviews indicate he used to be called as Dim Valent. Does anyone know if these two sexy men are indeed the same person? Thanks a bunch
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