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  1. Yep so there you are.....
  2. https://rentmen.eu/MarioXXLFUN/ Set up an appt and was told to call a few hours before the appointed time to confirm. I did. He replied with confirmation. When I asked for his address he ghosted me..NOTHING. So in the event you are going to give him a try, highly recommend you have several back up plans so you are not disappointed like I was. Even days later still no response, excuse, apology nothing. This has happened to me only once before, a good 10 years ago, so was concerned that something happened. So Moved on..too many choices in LA to put up with that
  3. Does anyone have Easy tiger contact info? His RM ad expired so no way to contact. If you prefer to dm me that fine as well thank you!
  4. Anyone see EasyTiger recently here in LA?
  5. Damn a ripped lean guys with freckles I am in LOVE or is it LUST! He is on my list to see
  6. Damn I sure hope he gets out to Sunny Southern California
  7. His account is frozen at the moment
  8. Those jeans are packing something substantial ?
  9. Does anyone know who this guy is? In this thread # 18530?? Asking for a friend
  10. You’re funny. He got booted out and has been outed so old news
  11. Didn’t know what the guy did at the time of the meet.. found out a few years later
  12. I had . One was a feature actor on several gay theme art movies. One was a singer on American idol. One was a guy on one of the bachelorette shows another was a congressman ( played for free with a escort i had hired) from another state who hates the gays and was known for voting against any measure to help gay rights so all in all LA and southern California has lots of ways to meet lots of folks oh i forgot i met up with a Bruce Weber model before his marriage .. also several sean Cody and Lucas movie guys
  13. Oh my .. weapon of ass destruction is spot on description
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