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  1. If you’ll do a google search on Vichy Shower Water Massage you’ll find pictures of what to expect.
  2. https://rent.men/DeanIndra I had the pleasure of spending an hour with this young man yesterday and highly recommend him. His home base is Minneapolis but was in Iowa on business. Took a chance on a new guy and was richly rewarded.
  3. This is the closest provider to me. Sadly, I think I’ll pass but glad to know pizza is pizza and money makes his dick hard. https://rentmen.eu/ruffrusty
  4. Beancounter

    Tom Chase

    I used to hang out with Tom when he lived in Dallas but that’s been years ago. Nice guy. Not sure where he went after Dallas but I think it was some where on the west coast. For those interested he has a Wikipedia page. Here’s the link https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Chase
  5. I’m not sure if this qualifies as non-cash but I once set up a Roth IRA for a provider.
  6. I know next to nothing about cryptocurrency other than the IRS now asks me every year on my tax return if I own any. Alas, the government must be taxing it now.
  7. Bennett Anthony was the quintessential escort if you were into guys with a scent. You could literally inhale his body scent from 15 feet away. What that man did for me should be classified as a felony. Sadly, I believe he’s now retired and living in South Carolina. He may have an Onlyfans page though.
  8. Perhaps we could talk him into making a sequel to the movie “Latter Days”. ??
  9. Lived in Dallas for 40 years before moving last year. In the last couple of years before moving I found the most common rates to be in the $250-300 range.
  10. Oh, dear! I’ve been summoned! I’m going to publicly admit I’m clueless as to how this type of business would handled. Perhaps a board of directors could be chosen and @marylander1940 could be elected chairman of the board. ?
  11. There is so much incorrect information in your post I don’t know where to start.....so I won’t.
  12. I wonder if members of Congress are aware that they can request a refund from sex workers if they paid by Venmo. Might be worth a shot to recoup $900. ?
  13. Have you tried searching for previous threads on him? You’ll find 10-plus pages on him to wade through.
  14. DeKalb, IL is home to Northern Illinois University. Based on his preppy pics I’d assume he’s a student there. Of course, my assumptions are routinely incorrect. Regardless, he’s a good looking guy.
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