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  1. he's hot. unfortunate he's strictly a bottom.
  2. I am living for this thread. thanks for sharing haha.
  3. i'm likely moving to the LA area next year. Would be fun to find a group like this as well to help me get situated.
  4. Oh! he just changed it haha. whelp ?‍♂️
  5. He's in NYC now apparently.
  6. wow, sexy. what a stud.
  7. Ohhh yummy. maybe someone will take the plunge and give him a twirl. ? sucks that he only does outcalls though.
  8. So sorry to hear this. This is so sad. ? May he rest in peace.
  9. oh bummer he only does outcalls.
  10. Has anyone seen the content that he's made with matthew crawford? if so, any good?
  11. Yeah same for me. I only subscribed once for that reason. I don't ever recall him doing duo shows. but yeah i stopped barking up that tree when i realized he just wanted to keep everything online. ?‍♂️ he is a cutey though.
  12. I talked to him a while back on CB even did a few pvt shows—all with the goal of trying to get him to hang out in person. But he never seemed receptive to the idea. unfortunately.
  13. i've been doing the same! definitely a lot of scrumptious morsels out there in the twitterverse that are available if you inquire properly.
  14. Looks too good to be real, but if he is, i'd be right there. haha
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