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  1. Article I read said mail will be delivered as USPS didnt have time to implement the change. Im sure banks will jump on the bandwagon as they never miss a chance to be closed.
  2. His pictures dont show any indication of skin problems, perhaps you actually had a meet up with him?
  3. Wear those points like a badge of honor, no points....no glory.

    Tom Chase

    MMmmmmmmm Mike Branson has always been my favorite and perfect male specimen in the world.
  5. Wonderful to see a old smiling face again. Welcome and enjoy connecting with your old buddies.
  6. Take the test ride when he gets to SF and let us know.
  7. I find it unusual no one has brought this up. A boy around 12years old comes to live with Gaetz who was dating his older sister. Gaetz and sister break up but the boy stays, without being adopted. This has always made me wonder. https://people.com/politics/matt-gaetz-tells-story-boy-he-raised-as-a-son/
  8. At age 99. just weeks before his 100th birthday. As husband of Queen Elizabeth and his funeral looming, how will this effect the current family situation that is going on?
  9. Thanks for my daily morning routine, starting every morning reading the reviews and forum. RIP Daddy
  10. A little on the heavily muscled side for you, send him my way.
  11. Just say NO to the villages. Crowded old age living community where everyone stays busy with golf, checkers, book clubs etc. Just a little over the top for me, like living in a Disney community. VERY crowded and huge with many driving golf carts instead of cars. I wouldn't think it would be very gay friendly.
  12. Looks pretty positive, how was contact with him?
  13. Is it a Jura Machine? I've had one for 15 years and love it. Always fresh and for me nice European style coffee.
  14. Got my second Moderna shot yesterday and 16 hours later still no side effects.
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