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  1. It's very hard to find. There's a lot of muscular escorts, but I can't think of anyone who's a professional bodybuilder that offers muscle worship services. Unfortunately.
  2. Does anyone else feel that that has become less popular and that most of the escorts now are much less likely to fall into that old "classic beefcake" category? A good example that recently retired was Ryan Steel. My guess is that with the decline of muscle-genre porn sites, the effects of the pandemic, and the growth of sites like OnlyFans, there's not going to be a great many muscle worship guys that want to offer their services, especially if these men are often times straight. I'd love to hear your stories about encountering any "muscle worship gods" from the past... from w
  3. I was in communication with him for a long time - really nice guy he was - and now it seems he's gone but I hope he's gone to doing better things and is happier. I know he was very fondly thought of on this forum. His Rentmen profile is still up but he hasn't been on it since last month. Has anyone heard anything from Russ and would like to share if he's doing okay? https://rentmen.eu/Russ_NYC
  4. I would guess it's a college in the South or Southwest where there's lots of hot days and so the men don't wear very much... but in your personal experience, which one has the hunkiest?
  5. width=569pxhttps://prod-images.tcm.com/Master-Profile-Images/WarrenBeatty.jpg[/img]Warren Beatty Robert Conrad from The Wild Wild West Rod Taylor a.k.a. the voice of Pongo Sean Connery
  6. Ryan Steel was great.... but he retired. I agree with the straight, masculine bodybuilder/fitness model interest - they are not easy to find. There was a guy from the UK named Rory in 2019 who came to the United States but I missed out of course ):
  7. Although I have never met him in person, he's very nice in communications, and sounds like a very good conversationalist in real life. A nice dinner date in the Big Apple.
  8. Is he always based in SF?
  9. Any more info about Johnsport? He seems like he might be nice.
  10. Hi everyone! Happy soon-to-be Spring!!! I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions for really muscular, but also really talented masseurs in NYC... I always want to go by the reviews and recommendations here when making a choice. Thanks everyone - hoping everyone has a good Sunday!
  11. Darius should do porn again.
  12. Oddly, when I think of pecs in gay porn nobody comes right to mind. Cain from Corbin Fisher?
  13. I'm trying to get in touch with him. He's a very nice person.
  14. Large Penis Support Group, but its a forum to find hunky men photos and videos.
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