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  1. Ric it's been awhile since we've connected. I'm taking a moment to connect with how escorts are dealing with their rates now since they aren't included in RM ads. I had put them into my profile text, and now seeing guys aren't even doing that... Any suggestions or advice? Anything I may have missed that people were talking about here in the forums or elsewhere? I appreciate it. Hope all is well and successful.
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      With sporadic exception, I generally wasn't putting rates in my ad even before the site removed them. It's a tricky thing: Post them and you minimize some riff raff, but it can also scare off some prospectives. I get a sense of what a prospective wants and go from there but have a floor that I don't go below for a first-time client. Better to e-mail me. I'm on this site way less now than in years past.
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