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  1. sexy find! and good reviews. Notice when you look at his number its says ask for Strong Hands. Maybe a name change? hmmm
  2. he's def. sexy . The *** link in the Rm ad is his only fans
  3. ahh and there is where the "Big Surprise" comes from ... a sizable talent
  4. Wow , that was a fascinating watch! So many things happening in that room and sounded like the bigger guy said it was $275 towards the end. lol Both guys have nice assets though
  5. John Doe II, Roy is on RM as well https://rentmasseur.com/coolbives
  6. Wondering if the session went well?
  7. Wow , what was he asking? Shouldn't you be the one asking the questions making the requests? hmmm
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/bravo87_johnie?lang=en I believe this is him. An AcroDave ex bf.
  9. yes, i messaged him about getting his social media links and he sent me the only fans , which is fine but its not active so can't subscribe. Plus there is not much there to view. I am sure its sexy though cause he is
  10. I had him on my list as well. How does one get his social media/ twitter/ OF ...Just search his name?
  11. This is a new added perk I'd like to try. Usually after a session when a provider has asked if I wanted to use the shower , I almost always turn it down because I don't want to use up any more of their time meaning go beyond 60 minutes. Never thought to ask them to join me..ha ha
  12. hmmm Looks like an interesting finger technique...might have been gently pulling on hair there for sensitivity sensations... Griffin sure is vocal! lol I've never made those many sounds having a massage...maybe just haven't had one like that though
  13. Bump. In Chicago right now.... https://rentmasseur.com/coolbives looking sexy as always but seems quite skilled as well. Anyone have recent or any experience? PM's welcome.
  14. Sure is a Handsome fella , and super tall! wow can you share the IG?
  15. Hot video thanks! , Yeah I wonder which guy's Just For Fans it is ...the masseur or the 'client' ? hmmmm
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