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  1. Then don’t hire him. If I don’t like a providers ad I just move on to the next one.
  2. Great blog update… but no sexcapades 😞
  3. Anyone with a recent experience?
  4. Still has his rent masseur ad, but no longer has a rent.men ad. Anyone with any recent experience?
  5. Thanks! After about 20 minutes of hard detective work I found the scene. Pretty good one.
  6. Is this a new Aspen scene? Who’s the top?
  7. …and he has a rentmasseur ad… https://rentmasseur.com/SergieS
  8. I wonder what movie this is from?
  9. A big thanks to @RadioRob for all of his hard work. An observation... not a complaint. I haven’t been getting any notifications since the migration. Perhaps things I follow were cleared. I’ve checked my notification settings and everything looks good. Sorry if this has been addressed somewhere else.
  10. Wow! Very nice. Thanks for your hard work!!
  11. “genetic pain”... ... he sure has drunk the Montecito coolaid. If he was serious about all this he would give up his dukedom and he would give up his place in line to be king.
  12. Yes, required a deposit. I went to him. No problems.
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