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  1. Looking for any recent feedback or updates. Feel free to PM me. Thanks!
  2. Any recent experiences, guys? PM me if preferred.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Started off the night at BJ Roosters. Found some great muscle-bound dancers for some private shows, and really like the relaxed atmosphere. A little after midnight, I headed to Swinging Richards. It took me a little getting used to; haven’t seen that many women at a male strip club before. I liked the vibe of the VIP area a lot better, and had some lap dances in back. In all, an expensive but fun evening in ATL.
  4. Thanks for the helpful feedback, guys. If I have only one night in Atlanta, Is it worth it to go to Swinging Richards AND BJ Roosters?
  5. Hey guys - I will be in Atlanta this weekend and wanted to check out the strip club scene. Is Swinging Richards (SR) the only game in town these days, or are there other options? Also, any advice for a SR Atlanta newbie? VIP room or not? When to arrive? Any help is appreciated!
  6. I heard they are returning to Evolve soon, in addition to their monthly nude parties.
  7. There’s a male-only brothel in Sydney, but don’t think there are strip clubs. Here’s the link: http://www.knightcall.com.au/about_us.htm
  8. Bump — other connections with Jhon?
  9. Hi guys - Has anyone seen Kenno @ Minneapolis? https://rentmasseur.com/Kenno_mass Thanks!
  10. Any experience, guys? https://www.masseurfinder.com/massage-therapists/38001/ https://rentmasseur.com/JayJimenez
  11. Anyone heard from or about Andrew Maroc in SF lately? Saw him in February 2020 as he was retiring and the pandemic was looming. I’m hopeful he will return in the future.
  12. Is Rick J back on the scene?
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