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  1. Anyone know what his rates are? They don’t show up for me 😔
  2. Don’t miss your chance guys…..I’m trying to figure out when I can get back to Tampa!
  3. Ziya - the pleasure (pleasures 😏) we’re all mine. And look forward to meeting you again (soon 😁)
  4. Agreed! Really well done and thanks. I love the new deign and graphics. Nice! 😁👍👍
  5. Wow. Just wow. I assume he gets enough business to maintain his ad, but……wow
  6. It seems eerie to echo @David1024 above, but with all honesty, I want to say almost the same thing! I met Ziya last week in Tampa. And I highly recommend meeting him if you can arrange it. Ziya is well spoken, engaging, and a wonderful man. Very professional and thoughtful in his communication and in arrangements and great time enjoyed together. I look forward to seeing him again. DM me with any questions. steve
  7. Maybe I live in a high cost of living area?? ?
  8. for some reason I don’t like atm‘s that dispense 50’s. I like to only have 20’s and 100’s and 50’s seem awkward for me ?‍♂️ Many - most - all Bank of America ATM’s give 100’s and you can choose the mix of 20’s and 100’s. Like @MikeBiDude, I’m 99% cc for daily life and close to 100% cash for hiring. I have used cash app a few times for SA guys (they seem to think it’s less transactional). ?
  9. Looking quickly at this thread makes me think blue collar = beard
  10. Wow - very hot! Thank you ??
  11. Time (for me) to Netflix and chill......text me his address please ?
  12. Must be time for me to do a bathroom reno. I need some new bathroom decor. This posting is full of great bathrooms accessories and I would like to have one (or maybe a few) of these in my bath. ??? Numbers 110 and 111 would be great....thanks ?
  13. Makes you really appreciate their eyes......I’m a sucker for handsome eyes.
  14. @FrankR - that is absolutely the best use of SA! Applause ? and thank you for the expectation alignment. Steve
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