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  1. I'm also look for any info for Bigeverywhere
  2. Jomo- Looking forward to hearing about your experience.
  3. 16 reviews seem too good to be true https://rent.men/TALLMANDISCREET
  4. I spent an amazing 2 hours with him in Dallas in July 2018 and total agree with TrueHart1 and OccassionalHire. When I was him he was in great shape. Beside all that has been said, he is a really cool, fun, and down to earth guy.
  5. He changed his name again- It's now Levi Nassi https://rent.men/LeviNarssi He is my type of man. Can anyone provide me first hand info here or DM- Thanks Latecomer
  6. I spent a week in Berlin in March. I met Dennis early in the week for 2-hr and later in the week for an overnight. I highly recommend the handsome, and very sexy man. I agree with BaronArtz his rates are more reasonable in Berlin.
  7. Just signed up for Dave's All Male Clothing-optional Small Boat sailing around the Indonesian island of Flores. I took advantage of his special "New Launch" offer for a 7 day sailing. It looks like an amazing experience. https://everythingtosea.com/
  8. In the past I have only met men who have been around a while and well reviewed. However I took a chance on Anthony with only 1 review because his profile and pictures spoke to me. One of the best decisions I have ever made in the escort world. An intelligent, professional, interesting and very nice down to earth guy. His pictures don't do him justice. He lives up to his claim as a fantastic lover. Don't pass a chance to meet him if you have the opportunity.
  9. Has any have any information on or met Anthony Montano https://rent.men/Anthony_Montano
  10. I met Max in Melbourne last week for an overnight. He is an extremely handsome man with an amazing body and knows how to use it in the best ways. Definitely will see him on his next US tour.
  11. WorthJayson- any update on your meeting with Max?
  12. It was probably too good to be true as RM add went down today
  13. I will be traveling to Vienna next spring. I can't find any reviews or discussion here on the 6'7", 305 lb gorgeous man there. Any info would be greatly appreciated. https://rent.men/COMMANDO_VIENNA
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