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  1. Thank you. Noted and corrected.
  2. It's always a chuckle when there is an attempt to catch Obama with a violation of the Constitution. Obama was a professor of Constitutional law. His adversaries may gain some ground in interpretation, but never with an outright violation of the Constitution.
  3. I have ExpressVPN and am very satisfied with it. All of the evaluations of VPN's that I have read rate ExpressVPN as the best. Having a VPN is a good thing as it "covers your tracks" from anyone attempting to get your computer's IP address.
  4. According to Wikipedia: "uTorrent is a free piece of software that is used to download large files in a file sharing environment."
  5. The nature of dogs can be as firmly entrenched as the nature of humans. At one time I lived in a town where two of my neighbors had dogs that were dangerously affectionate. One family had a Labrador that would bound toward visitors and virtually hurl herself into the individuals and smother them with affection. While the family was heartbroken by their decision, they eventually gave the dog to another family better able to accommodate the dog's nature. The other family had two Newfoundlands, one of which they had to keep on a run because it would pounce onto individuals with
  6. I'm pro-dog in general, however, I'm more drawn to large friendly dogs (Labrador/St. Bernard/Newfoundland).
  7. I second @Jarrod_Uncut suggestion for a 5-10 minute window for editing a post before the "edited" tag appears. It would allow a little extra time for proofreading/corrections before the final submission. I realize others may not agree with this, but the blue color of the text in the previous version was easier on the eyes for me.
  8. sync

    In The Heights

    I doubt a musical was necessary to inspire such comments from some non-Latinos.
  9. Not absolutely certain, but the following links are for a Dixon and a Rico in NY's Hell's Kitchen: DixonNYC, Erotic & Therapeutic Gay Massage in Manhattan, NY (rentmasseur.com) RicoNY, Male Male Massage in Manhattan, NY (rentmasseur.com)
  10. I have an opinion on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, but it would violate several of the site's regulations. 🤬
  11. Sorry there is no hot dude here. The name of the waterfall is Shizhangdong, I got confused. 🙄
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