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  1. You nailed it right on the nose, Frequent as I couldn't agree with you more to everything you said, and pointed out that was brilliant. Thank you so much for point out this information being with some of the members that exactly the kind of reaction I'm getting being all I wanna do is be positive, and make right for my side of the disagreements - not have a lynch mob after me. At least I'm making an effort to do so as like you said - there are many people who wont even think in a million years in doing this by coming clean, and say "I'm sorry - can you forgive me". When you do apologize people wanna hold grudges, chew me out, and make me out to be the most God awful human being on earth. As quiet as it's kept, It's not like these people I'm reaching out to didn't do or say hurtful things to me as well, but am willing to open the doors of my heart, and forgive, and heal from it. I wish everyone could see eye-to-eye how genuine my apology thread is, and sorry there wasn't a way people could see inside my soul of your sincerity. . Thank you so much for pointing out what I couldn't say, but been wanting to say from the heart. I'm grateful, and taken heed to everyone's input.
  2. Steven(No offense) That is 100% positively fine with me as already your coming off aggressively negative and from that - Ditto - I feel the same way as there is no win with you is why were no longer friends at this point. If you choose not to forgive - that's your choice, but not my loss being were not a match in our personalities, and that's okay as I'm okay with that. Nevertheless, I'm not going to hold a grudge here as it's too much negative energy, and trying to move from that, Steven. Considering all the damage, and drama that's been done on BOTH sides of the coin, I'm going to forgive you, and move on. You don't have to forgive me as we may no longer be friends, but it would be nice to be civil and kind towards one another for once, and try to put the horror that's happened with us laid to rest. Those days of nastiness and turmoil with us are over(for me anyway), and time to move on to new and better horizons in life. I think we've got our points across in the end by doing and saying not so kind acts imaginable towards one another that were horrific for which I terribly regret. I agree with a lot to what Killian said too indeed, but not everything when it comes to what my true intentions were in creating this thread. A few people here on the forum myself included)may understand why I wanted to express my apologies, but there are some members who don't understand, and that's fine as I don't expect for a lot of people to understand(even though I explained it all in the OP what this all about. Not worry I wont - and never intended to. With that kind of attitude your throwing at me - No way. Sorry. From this reaction it just goes to show - somethings you cant fix. With all due respect, Steven, if that's the way your going to approach the matter then yes, I'm sorry - maybe somethings are not meant to be fixed as I agree with what you said 100%. I am going to admit with all sincerity - It's not like you didn't part-take our friendship being destroyed like it did, so the comment you made is true indeed, but can go both ways. I'm sorry for what happened to us which is unfortunate, and can't take back of the destruction that took place which was horrible, but can at least apologize, and offer to do what I can on my side of the spectrum to make whatever wrong I did on my end right. I was wrong for doing mean things by getting even for the wrong you done unto me, and for that I take responsibility for not thinking clearly being filled with hurt and anger from the attacks that took place from you on and outside of the forum. Again, BOTH parties were at fault for doing evil and unspeakable stuff to each other that was unbelievable, and on that note, I apologize for on my end as two wrongs don't make a right to any feud. Steven - No one is forcing you to read or comment on this thread you know. I appreciate your input, and outlook to the situation don't get me wrong, but try to minimize the directness by coming off more open-minded. Not everyone on this forum are like you in not wanting to hear what's on my mind - there are some people out there who (believe it or not) care about me and what's going on in my life that I would like to share and open up about. Think of it this way, Steven(and again - no disrespect to you or anyone else) - maybe it's best to not commit on the thread if it bothers or upsets you to read it, and spare those members who are supportive to the situation as what I'm posting about forgiveness not is a bad thing. Actually I'm finding what I'm posting is a good thing as I was advised to do so in order to start the healing process, and to grow emotionally. You're more then welcome to commit, as I do appreciate your feedback/advice, believe me I do, but let's try and keep this as positive as possible okay. This is all meant to be taken in a positive direction. I don't mean in any way for this thread but to come off no other way. As one of the members who felt you went too far on your last post 2 months ago - I don't want such drama on this thread, and would like to keep it drama-free if possible okay. This is all about healing, and forgiveness, and would like for you to be a part of it, but only if you want to and feel it'll be beneficial for not only me, but for everyone on the forum to share, and be involved with as a family. Thank you, Steven as that very kind of you to say as my healing is working out well, and, wish you well in your life too. Plan to keep it that way for the better.
  3. And a speech that was well thought of and sincere from the heart. Something I needed to address and get off my chest just like the rest of you do on the forum from time-to-time. No different from what any of the rest of you do by posting what's on your mind that maybe of importance.
  4. Well spoken, and well said. Thank you JJK as I didn't ask for a lynch mob or to be ganged up on if it appears that way from some of the members. What I asked for was very sincere and simple was to be forgiven, and apologize. It's quite unfortunate with some members on this board it's a no win situation no matter what you say or do to make the situation right. Even though it's not my fault entirely as to what went down between me and that other person, others make it out to be as if your at fault entirely for all the drama. All I can do is say " I tried" learn from this experience from everyone's input, work on myself for the better, and move on.
  5. Ok. That was a little bit out of line to state such a thing as there's nothing pleasant about being purposely placed on a time-out. Very unnecessary.
  6. JDXXX


    There is another side to the story - absolutely, but out of respect for the forum, myself, and those individuals involved or exposed in the matter - I'd prefer to just let it go, and move forward being I'm very sorry to all of you on the forum had to see that sort of nastiness take place, and do regret terribly with all sincerity that such disturbing occurrences happened behind-the-scenes gone public on purpose. I don't know what to say other then I'm terribly sorry, you guys that such disturbing actions and disagreements that were behind-the-scenes had to go public, but with no fault of my own as I need to make that clear - it wasn't my doing whatsoever. However, the drama is over, long, done, and finished. Like to move on with my life with a positive outlook here on the forum start new without harboring of the past occurrences that weren't so pleasant such as what's in the posted link.
  7. Just so you know - I'm not the one who keeps rehashing it. Go to the "bragging" thread and you'll see what a good example of what I'm talking about. All I'm doing is trying to make right for all the drama that's happened in the past, and start new here on the forum with no drama nor people being mad at me over crazy BS. I'm trying to not rehash the past by debating, but some people tend to not wanna let me forget, so what is there to do. I just want to apologize, work on my issues, and be at peace for once by not having any one mad at me or disturbed with me for whatever reasons - that's all.
  8. Hey baby, It's funny you should say that - I was gone from the forum for a month, and came back - nothing's changed other then how I respond to negativity by not giving into it as you noticed. Took ALOT for me to create this thread by admitting my mistakes and faults, but by taking the first step overcoming your mistakes by openly admitting to it and doing what you can by correcting those flaws is being the bigger person. True, but some people tend to hold grudges my dear and don't wanna forget. You can be gone for 2 years and those same people will still hold a grudge as if it happened yesterday. It's a shame, but it happens that we have people in America who are like that. Some people are not open to motto of "forgive, and forget" or " I can forgive, but will never forget" mentality. In the long run such bad energy is only hurting them to hold in such negativity - not you. While you're trying to be positive by wanting to uplift the situation by striving for a fresh new start - they're still being negative by shunning you away. Just gotta accept it, and move on. Hopefully they'll come around, and if not - at least you tried as that's all you can do. Were not superhuman, and can't fix everything in this world. I just starting to learn and accept that form philosophy, and strategy more and more as time goes on.
  9. Hey Killian, Thanks for the advice, man, and do appreciate your input, and sincerity in the situation, but wanted to clarify why I created this thread more in depth.... Apologizing and admitting, Killian how truly sorry I am for fucking up on my end is the first step of healing, and coming to terms is that I'm not perfect, and a real human being for wanting to do better. It's not to say in the least that others who may be out to attack didn't have they're part-take in doing me wrong that may have caused my anger, but the way I may have handled certain matters were not wise, and I take responsibility for that. Now, it's not my choice of people want to take whatever personal squabbles or disagreements I may have had publically - that's on them as I wouldn't do that as that's just crossing the line for trouble by doing that to anybody on the forum. I do have respect for others reputation and privacy when it comes to that regard. When it came to the attacks, my mistake, Killian was NOT keeping my mouth shut. I should have done what you, and others who were looking out for me said - was to shut the fuck up by defending myself too much just put me in the hotseat. You live and learn right, and this is a major learning lesson for me, seriously. To say this mess will happen again....OHHH - I have learned a lot from my mistakes, and can say I won't put myself in a position for such drama like this to happen again. If so, I'll leave the forum voluntarily on my own before that happens. I agree, Killian for which your absolutely right on that 100%, but are these people ready to make amends with me as I am with them? Plus - I don't have some of the forum members email address or phone numbers. However, I guess I could PM them right? That is if they don't have me blocked to where they won't get the email of my apology. Some people I may get through, and some not as not all people I guess you can say are open-minded and want to hold grudges I guess, but that's they're problem - not mine as all I can do is try my best like you said, right? No one said a drastic change will happen overnight, Killian. LOL. Come on, let's be somewhat realistic here, dude I'm trying to get out singing the blues here, and do something about my sorrows for once. I would only be singing if I didn't make the proper steps to wanna make a change and in this case I am, so give me some creditability for making the steps doing the right thing in doing what and all I can to make a change in my life. The drama maybe over, but the damage isn't, and need to make right on my end for all horror that's happened on my part whether it's my fault entirely or not. There are still two sides to every story here that brought on the drama, and even though I failed in trying too hard to defend myself in however way I can to get out of it - I still did stupid things by calling myself getting even with people who wronged me - I still need to make right for my mistake by defending myself, getting even, and not leaving it alone. I realize getting even just wasn't a wise or a mature thing to do, and have to compensate for such a crime in some way. The drama keeps being brought up in a recent thread called, "bragging" by a particular member who seems to keep it fresh in everyone's minds it seems. I need to set an example, and by me part-taking in these sort of unjust behaviors/dramas isn't good or healthy for me or anyone else on this forum. Have to handle controversial drama here on the forum in a different light, and I'm very sorry to all of you here on the forum, and to Daddy personally I haven't done so in the past. The only thing I can do moving forward is to improve, heal, and refrain from negativity the best way possible.
  10. Understandable, but just so you know - there are other escorts on this site (who I shall remain nameless) have the pics and links to they're ads in they're signature, so I guess people will see perceive them too as self-promoting in a way right? Not to say what you said, Doug is bad in any way, but I'm just curious being they're are other escorts doing the same thing who are well-known. I'm sure you know who some of those well-known guys are if you look hard enough;).
  11. Hello To All Forum Members - Hope all of you are doing fine, and well this evening. As for me, I'm doing okay staying busy with work and getting ready for my exciting move to Atlanta in a few weeks. Looking forward to this new chapter in my life, and a chapter that's going to be very filling, and rewarding in the long run. There isn't an easy way to say this, but I believe I owe ALL of you here on the forum a public apology for all the drama that's happened over the past 6 months. Whether the drama were misunderstandings, disagreements with other members, flame wars, over-the-top self-promoting, whatever the case maybe for some of you being displeased with me here on the forum. I am truly, and regretfully sorry for my irresponsible actions in responding to these disagreements that's caused me or others who were involved in such feuds to get in trouble, and react in an responsible, and even unprofessional manner at times. To those who may not like me or see me as a over-the-top self-promoting escort(for which I'm not of course), I apologize if I may have pushed too hard at times to achieve goals or have others to like me here on the forum. Maybe I tried to prove myself too hard by coming off too strong that were intended for the right reasons, but I am only human, and a human who is not perfect, and is liable to make mistakes as well as anyone else on this earth. It's not my intention to have people dislike me or hate me by any means. I hope ALL of you(who may dislike me or displeased with me for whatever reason) can accept my apology, and give me another chance (to make whatever drama that was caused on my end) right to the best of my ability. I offended some of you by my actions I guess by defending myself or coming off too strong in my approach in promotions sometimes here on the forum for which I didn't mean to happen, pushing too hard to prove myself, so-called self promoted, being over-aggressive, defending myself whenever I felt I was done wrong in a situation, etc. You name it, and I'm sorry for being irresponsible at times for my actions. I take full responsibility for doing the most stupidest things that were not responsible behavior on my part by getting even with people outside of the forum who I felt were my friends that done me wrong by getting as harshly, and brutally even as they've have onto me which is not a mature thing to do as two wrongs don't make a right, and I do need to apologize to those people as well being It wasn't wise for me to defend myself so much. The best thing for me to have done from square one when there was a conflict that was unjust was to ignore the drama that was thrown at me, and handled it in a positive appropriate manner by ignoring it, and just let it die out on it's own. I can't speak or apologize for others actions for they're wrong doings towards me or others, but can ask for forgiveness and a second chance for my irresponsible behavior. Some of you may have felt attacked or judge whenever you tried to give me constructive criticism, and for that I'm sincerely sorry as I was going through a lot at the time, and wasn't in the mood I guess to take in such harsh criticism. I'm a lot better now by accepting constructive criticism better, and do ask for ALL of you to be open, and NOT afraid to share your feelings. Not go overboard by airing out personal laundry as we don't need to go through that again of the horror that happened 2 months ago, but we can share on what can be done to amend the situation, and be cool. This is so we all can heal, and be on good terms by working out our differences, and be friends here. I do ask for you guys to forgive me, (whatever actions or displeasure I may have caused that was not intentional) and give me another chance to prove myself, and do better from this point moving forward here on the forum as I don't wanna be on anyone's bad side at all. That is not the purpose for me being an active member on this forum for people to hate me or dislike me. I really am a good guy - maybe just a good guy who needs a little repairing in certain areas of insecurity, and proudly enough I am working on that flaw to better myself, and my self-esteem a lot better. Tomorrow I am going to seek therapy to help overcome obstacles about myself that does need improvement by not defending myself or having to prove myself to others so much. I think looking back on a few incidences in the past, I may have screwed up on a few things that weren't very wise to do here on the forum, and need to apologize for such stupidity. Sometimes it's just best to keep your mouth shut, and not shoot yourself in the foot by not posting every idea that comes into your head to prove your a good person to those who may or may not like you. I may have done some stupid things on this forum that were not wise, but I'm still a good person with a good heart, and that I think deserves some form of consideration for one's forgiveness. . I promise from this moment moving forward to handle myself in a more tamed, and responsible manner. Again(and this is coming from the heart), I am truly sorry to ALL of you I may have offended here(not intentionally) on the forum, and do hope you accept my apology for any misunderstandings or drama that was caused as I mean no harm or discomfort of any kind. Hope you all who are ANTI-JD (for whatever reason) can just find it in your hearts to forgive me for whatever stupid thing I may have said or done for you to dislike me. Was not at all my intention to be insult, say or do things here on the forum to be disliked to such intensity to those who may not care for me for any reason. Please tell me what I can do to fix your displeasure or make right for the situation. After-all, this is a BIG step for me to come clean, and admit my shortcomings here on the forum. I think it would be nice for those of you who may or may not dislike me to open your minds and hearts by giving me another chance to prove myself, and not hold a grudge. Life is too short to hold grudges you guys, and even knowing of the wrong that has been done to me here on the forum in the past - I'm open to forgiveness and start fresh again. I would love for ALL of you to be at peace with me and each other as were all a big happy family here. Let's not destroy such good harmony with holding grudges and drama. I care about all of you here, and despite what crap that's happened in the past - I'm over it, and want to move on with a fresh new start here with my forum family. Come on guys - Think we can move forward, and start new? Think you all can accept my formal apology as I'm sincerely sorry from the bottom of my heart? Would be nice indeed that's for sure. .
  12. JDXXX


    LOL. Well Jock, let's be real here, baby - as much I would love to let haters have it like these women displayed in your post, I still need to uphold myself as a classy guy no matter what anyone says or think about me negatively anymore. I have learned at this point in my life to just let people say what they're gonna say, and move on as it isn't worth the headache and hassle to debate with people who are out to intentionally hurt others for whatever reason that is irrelevant and petty. I know I am a genuine person with a good, and kind heart - that's all that matters. I have faults as well, and not perfect in anyway, but I'm one who don't believe in potentially hurting people just for the sake of proving a point to myself. It's not in my nature to do so, and could never see myself acting out like these women(even though you may wanna give a mean-girl a piece of your mind when they get out of hand), but then again, gotta remain a man of class. http://malialitman.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/revenge.jpg
  13. JDXXX


    Very true indeed. Thanks for pointing that out. William. Appreciate it.
  14. JDXXX


    Thanks Killian - you and Dom's post give me an idea being I like how you formulate and separate who are your "real" friends and who are more associates. Honestly, I need to start screening who I call friends more carefully, and not be so much of an open book when it comes to just accepting anyone as a "friend" in my life. I'm starting to realize not everybody is meant to a friend or have the qualities of what you looking for in one. True friendship develope over time, even years in order to determine if they're a good fit in that department. So, maybe it's good for from now on to just ease up on accepting anyone as a friend. Good post you guys. Very beneficial. .
  15. I don't think danger harm wise, but he could get(if not already) a bad reputation for being a racist based on his refusal to service Black men in his Rentmen.com ad. I'm surprise Rentmen.com would allow someone to state such discrimination on there site in the first place.
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