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  1. Thanks for the update. I’ll be there in July—hope to check out these clubs.
  2. So sad to hear this news. Thank you, Daddy, for everything you did!
  3. Hey, @whipped guy - thanks for this post. I stopped by the hardware store today....
  4. Don’t know, but he’s supposedly in my town looking for hookups. lol I’m sure it’s just someone using his pics
  5. Anyone every hear of this site? https://yourdreamcompanions.ga/
  6. Great movie. Not what I expected at all!!
  7. Loved the “fuck mountain” speech from Bud’s new mother-in-law this season. As silly as the writing usually is, it does have its moments. Brianna is my spirit animal. I love her. She just cracks me up. Ethan Embry (Coyote) just gets hotter every season.
  8. I’ve been away from the forums for a bit; glad I was able to find my favorite thread quickly. Congrats @BasketBaller - glad it went so well for you! My boyfriend met my children, my in-laws, my parents, and my siblings & nephews last year. Now I am out to all of them. And I met his mother at Christmas. So I know it can be nerve-wracking.
  9. The Arngrims - Stefan was on Land of the Giants. In real life he repeatedly raped his sister - Alison who played Nellie Oelson on Little House on The Prairie. She details it in her book Confessions of a Prairie Bitch.
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