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    RM profile is expired
  2. Oh wow 😢 Respect his choice but bummer…
  3. Bradley Black’s expire profile doesn’t seem to have photos but I do remember him.
  4. Any info on this new gentleman https://rent.men/KyleKinggg
  5. I didn’t see the reference to steroids. I personally don’t think the escort is entitled or vain. If he’s catering to a certain demographic and his body requires a lot of work to maintain the shape he needs to keep his clientele then there’s nothing wrong in investing in it. I see it as no different as all the actors that have crazy personal training and diet expenses to bulk up for roles. Good for him that he can invest in his business…
  6. I agree; this is great advice. I lived with roommates in grad school and when I first started working in my late twenties. I had some great ones and some not so great ones. A female roommate brought two guys home, they tried to light a fire in the living room fireplace but forgot to check the whether the flue was closed (they were drunk) and well we almost ended up with the house burning down. Of course this was at 2 am when I had an early meeting at work the next day. This roommate liked to have sex with multiple guys simultaneously and since her room was next to mine some nights I got
  7. Tom/Matt looks great. I am hoping to visit the UK later this year. Henry from Bristol is also on my list: https://www.sleepyboy.com/uk/south-west-england/escort/Henry4577 Anyone have any experience with him?
  8. Before the Concorde was retired BA had a special where you could fly to London for 3 or 4k USD instead of the normal 10k ticket price. I almost booked a trip and at the last minute decided against it. I always regret not doing it; I love flying and planes and wish I had flown on the Concorde...
  9. I do have an advisor and they agreed with my keeping my old car 😉
  10. I did not. I am kept my old car and I didn’t regret it 🙂
  11. Yup, I sent you a pm @alexslaveboy 🙂
  12. Completely agree. Mike is wonderful 😉
  13. I agree. Not judging the OP if he wants to have the trainer nude during the session. However, having used a PT for several years with both super attractive trainers and not so attractive trainers; I focus on their experience and certifications. My main goal is not to get injured these days and usually when I am working with a trainer I am not focused on how hot they are. If they are good I am cursing them in my mind because I am in pain lol 😉
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