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  1. Does this mean I will never get to see "The Seekers" perform live again?
  2. Kippy

    In The Heights

    Remember...there can only be one minority!
  3. Not unlike Goerge Floyd and friends...
  4. Christopher Sign, age 45, was the reporter who broke the Bill Clinton/Lorreta Lynch tarmac story in Phoenix several years ago and wrote a follow up book. He was a college football star, had a flourishing career in TV journalism, was a community leader, had a gorgeous wife and three beautiful boys. The hundreds of online testimonies of his integrity and professionalism will bring you to tears. Suicide? Or perhaps another victim of the Clinton Crime Family Inc? Local Alabama ABC anchor who broke Clinton tarmac story dead at 45 | Fox News
  5. Some maturity showing through for AC...thinking of his baby first is nice to see. Regrettable ink...
  6. Sweet Jesus...this puts any gay pride parade to shame!
  7. 'Bout time we have a gurl in the White House!
  8. Slap me silly... Hero cops draw women's attention after dramatic rescue of Austin man from burning truck | Fox News
  9. Kippy

    Jury Duty

    There is no bigger pain in the ass than jury duty. I've worked verbal magic to get out of selection in the past and have thanked COVID for the one benefit that it seems to have-- eliminated jury call up in the past year in my life. Time will tell...
  10. Another case of "38" ten years ago...
  11. Just like new hymnals in church--takes a bit of getting used to and after a few months you forget what the old ones were like!
  12. Rob, the PHX chapter salutes you! Kipp
  13. Just like the crush of my life--Jake Lamb, another season, another injury and for Jake this year a new team!
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