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  1. There's something I'm having trouble with and I'm hoping it's because I just don't know how to do this now:  In the past, you could quote multiple people, even from multiple threads, and they'd all be added to your 'clipboard', then you could inset them wherever you wanted.  Now, it seems like every time I quote somebody, the quote goes directly into the reply box, then if I quote somebody else, that quote superceeds the previous one and you don't get both.  Also, while I still find inserting pics in new posts easy (and LOVE that you can now upload them from your computer), it seems to be a little confusing adding pics to a reply that includes quotes.

    Overall, I am thrilled and grateful for all the effort that's been done to keep this place going and trying to jazz it up, but I found the old quote function much easier and user-friendly than the new one, unless I'm just not understanding it.


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    1. RadioRob


      To the left of the Quote link is a Plus sign.  If you click that, it will add post to multi-quote.  You can do that between pages inside of a thread.  

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