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  1. Anyone been with him? https://rentmen.eu/joeyfrost
  2. This is true. But he quickly deleted them from the thread so I didn’t get the greatest look at them. Seems like his privacy matters to him and didn’t want his pictures out there for long. I barely got a loom of his face but I would still willing to take the plunge here.
  3. kaboom35


    Lots of talk about him. Search with an extra “n”. Nywolfmann I’m planning to meet him next month. I’ve heard great things and he’s easy to chat with.
  4. I messaged you
  5. Anyone? https://rentmen.eu/Gingerish
  6. kaboom35

    Hungmatt NYC

    Saw one thread on him but not too much information. Anyone been with him? Seems to have great reviews https://rentmen.eu/HungMatt/
  7. Anyone been with him? https://rentmen.eu/clippersm
  8. This guys ad is gone. Anyone know where he went?
  9. Any updates? I’m curious too
  10. He never responded to me. Texted him three times and I was cordial and nice. No clue what his deal is.
  11. Bumping. I like this guys look and profile. Anyone ?
  12. do you ask to see their vax card or you just believe they are telling the truth when they say they are vaccinated? Just curious.
  13. This guy looks like he'd be a bit devious in bed. Anyone ? https://rentmen.eu/DuaneTrade
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