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  1. The above ad has a review from @Hung_Cody. ~Boomer~
  2. Take another look. Here's a few others. Brigitte Bardot Angie Dickenson Ava Gardner Sophia Loren Jane Russell ~Boomer~
  3. Handsome Eliad Cohen. ~Boomer~
  4. Former escort, pornstar, and forum member @Marc Dylan & a Mississippi native. ~Boomer~
  5. Scroll all the wsy to the very bottom of his RM ad. Right beneath the #hashtags you see My twitter. Hit that buttom to be connected to his twitter account. ~Boomer~
  6. It wss @Travler North who passed and the eulogy wss by @tristanbaldwin. ~Boomer~
  7. The now retired Alec Andrews. ~Boomer~
  8. Thanks. In the ad photo they could pass for brothers, if you google Zach Morgan you can clearly see the difference. ~Boomer~
  9. https://rent.men/XXLDEIVY ~Boomer~
  10. Good point. I checked my profile and all my followers pre~conversion are still there. ~Boomer~
  11. I just looked at your profile and it shows you have two followers. ~Boomer~
  12. Or spending time with his fiance. 😀 ~Boomer~
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