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  1. Bump: anyone try Anton (#34864) in NYC ?
  2. Bravo Kenzo! Well done??
  3. Has anyone been with this dude? https://rentmen.eu/KevinEvans
  4. Kurtis, If the border guard is familiar with 1 Password and its “travel mode”, can’t they request that you unlock the hidden travel files for them? It would seem that most security personel would be trained and familiar with the common “password vault” Apps. Is there something built into 1 password that I am missing ? Hope I’m wrong about this ? Please LMK
  5. Hi Aaron, I have enjoyed reading your posts. Where is your rentmen web page or your website ? Thanks so much. Barry
    1. Aaron_Bauder


      It took me a while to respond, as I was weighing against divulging my profile or not. I've decided against it. The reason is because the last time my identity was known on the forums, it prompted a lot of false information about me being parried around (incorrect speculation about my photos, age etc). I found it inapproprite, one, and damaging to my brand, two.
    2. Aaron_Bauder


      A lot of forum members do not understand that speculation that seems frivolous can actually negatively affect a provider's bottom line, and thus life. So I now choose to be anonymous. I will only say I am a well-review nonwhite escort in Los Angeles, who has been around since the Rentboy days. Thanks for your understanding and interest.
  6. Search Samgl on this site and you will find several threads that comment on him. He exceeded my expectations in my first session and will definitely re-book.
  7. Marylander1940 Would you please explain the reason that uncut guys might experience less sensitivity if they were to receive head from the side? What are the “biomechanics” of this position that makes it more comfortable for the guy that you are going down in?
  8. Is Samgl interactive in his approach to massage ?
  9. When you hire a guy for muscle worship what can you expect the session to look like ?
  10. Who are the stellar “muscle gods” currently available in NYC ? As in most sexual behaviors/fetishes there is a range of expression and interpretation of practice. What are the most common practices in muscle worship and how far out do they usually go ?
  11. Has anyone been with this hot dude who advertises on Mintboys? https://www.mintboys.com/male-escorts/new-york/5a7cd4da2b0bd717b2faeeac
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