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  1. Interesting. It has worked for me in the past but maybe that functionality no longer exists.
  2. I agree with @BeefyDude. In NYC I have seen an uptick in prices by some masseurs and, interestingly, oftentimes by ones who have gotten mixed to negative feedback in this forum. Conversely, the more popular and well-reviewed guys have generally kept their prices stable. These are just my observations.
  3. I think you can still use Rentmen chat even if ad is expired.
  4. Didn’t know if this was intended for the Spa forum but his reviews, which date back to 2019, refer to him by a different name.
  5. Great question! My order of priority is exactly the same.
  6. Have seen him twice so far. Strong massage and overall a great experience.
  7. You’re welcome! I remembered his prior names were color-related! It seems like with this name change there was also a price increase because I don’t remember him charging $180. I have noticed that some NYC providers have raised their prices recently by $10 to $15 per hour session.
  8. You are correct about the name changes. He used to go by Aquamarine and Ultramarine. If you search these names you will find prior threads.
  9. WestGuy


    I was wondering the same thing! It appears to be a woman.
  10. Also on Rentmen under name NYCGUYNEXTDOOR. That may be why there may not be a lot of “extras” at his massage rate.
  11. @aeikaryoko, you are the best! i was able to find the user profile but unfortunately he doesn’t have it set up to receive emails. But now at least I know how to do it, thanks to your help!
  12. So I tried this and was not successful. I don‘t see a URL and username for the reviewer anywhere on the review in question. Where does that information appear?
  13. Agree it goes both ways. I reached out to a masseur last month, one I hadn’t met yet, asking for an appointment three days later (his ad says he books up so to schedule as far an advance as possible). I just proposed the day and asked what times he had available. He sent back a somewhat abrupt text saying he was was not available that day. Fine. I texted back asking about the following day, or the day after that, and saying I was flexible on time on both days. He responded that he might have availability and would have to check. I asked him to do so and let me know what times worked for him
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