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  1. never heard of bald, fat, old but race is still common among some escorts.
  2. hmm i find that unprofessional. An escort can sleep with a white man who is completely unattractive but would never sleep with a black or mexican guy no matter how hot he is? I think you are talking about a guy in LA? lol
  3. have been curious about this guy but no reviews. is he real? pictures seem a bit old... any info would be helpful. thanks http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=101199&type=escort
  4. the only way we can tell who's doing wrong is having both sides' argument. That is where we need a review and the escort responds. I don't think escort who oversleeps an appointment or the one just doesn't show up without answering call even though the meeting was confirmed over the phone 30 min ahead has anything to do with how I present myself. It was frustrating because two guys in a row blew me off and wasted a lot of my time. I value my time as escorts do, so they should pay the price, as we do when you hire them.
  5. it's not about moving on, it's wasting my time and because of that I couldn't hire others. There are times that you wanna have fun but these no-shows are really destroying everything...
  6. I have recently had some no show cases. The same pattern, all confirm the time and no show, no response. Some reputable and some newbies. It is really annoying and wastes time, kills other escorts' business. Because there is no good site that allows no show reviews, these guys can get away with it. And they do it again. Is there a site that allows no-show reviews?
  7. I agree. I have registered for rentboyreviews as well. Not working at all...I just wanted to post a non-meeting review because daddy doesn't allow
  8. I have recently registered for rentboy's review site in the hope that I can review and read the reviews. I registered, activated my account, I can log on directly. However there are two problems, can anyone help me? 1. When I look at an escort profile, there is a button "write a review". When I click it, it asks me to log on even though I am logged on. I attempted again to log but it does not recognize my login credentials (but those are correct and I can log on without any problems if I log directly but not through an escort profile) Does anyone have the same problem? Any way to get around this problem? 2. When I search for escorts in Paris, it shows 573 escorts even though there should be ten or so. And those 573 are from all over the world. Any idea? Thanks in advance for the input.
  9. so I texted both, one responded, didn't sound professional. This si what he said "do you really think I would still be advertising if I didn't know how to get around you people" So he seems to change ads with different pictures and numbers...I really do not know who is behind him, but if you guys have a better idea, do share! http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=392465 tel: (917) 858-2683
  10. Looks a bit fake but does anyone know about them, or seen them before? http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=392787&iid=474975&scid=101350625&sp=1&pos=2&locid=1569 http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=392465&iid=475059&scid=101350625&sp=1&pos=3&locid=1569 or simply http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=392787 http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=392465
  11. pictures are possibly taken from Steve Cook, who is in LA
  12. did a quick search with his number, nothing came up, hard to believe that the best and most requested escort has no other ad. Maybe he changed his number recently, who knows. But still, why undercut the rate if you are really that requested? Maybe he is looking for some quick cash in a different city on his way to somewhere. Who knows. Anyway, if you meet in person, do let us know
  13. I'd second this one, I hire escorts because I don't want to be rejected like usual dates etc. I don't share face because I am discreet, so most dates won't work because gay guys always ask for face pictures and there are so many fake profiles online. Now, I hire escorts because I don't wanna deal with this BS and save some time and energy for me. Plus, if I were to be rejected, I'd be rejected by random hot guys online without any money involved, it's much easier to handle. I am not paying over 200 per an hour for his enjoyment. This is where escorts have to work and earn the money. Initially, I thought escorts would have some discount for younger and decent looking guys because the job would be easier, so I introduced myself honestly in details but never worked that way. Always the same rate. Then I thought, why bother? Since then, I don't share pictures, I never shared my stats or anything, and I've run into a very few escorts who actually asked for my stats and pictures. I just move on. And among the guys I hired, no one rejected me even though they didn't see my pictures and stats. I think that is where professional guys shine. Period. If an escort get the same rate for serving a 80yo man, he must serve me with the same rate without rejecting.
  14. Thanks for the comments. I agree, I have to move on but it just sucks so bad when you think that the escort values his time at 250-300USD rates but still shows no respect to someone who is willing to pay that amount. Logically (again, this is an average, I am not saying this should apply to everyone), most of the clients value their time more than that rate, that is why they are willing to pay that rate for the time. Then how about the lost value when clients spent on this game... Anyhow, I think the policy is that no reviews are accepted for no show-up. I couldn't think of a better way to avoid no showups except hiring someone reputable.
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